3 Monitor Set-Up

Hi all,

I have an ATI Radeon 5700 series graphic card at the moment and was wondering if a 3 monitor set-up can this be done with this card?

It seems to have 1 HDMI port, 1 DVI and 1 VGA.....I want to set up 3 monitors. My new monitor is set up with HDMI to HDMI, and old main monitor is set up DVI to DVI and my 3rd monitor which is an old one is connected with VGA to DVI adaptor. (it previously worked as a dual monitor set up but now the 3rd monitor with the VGA to DVI adapter doesnt work when I try to do the 3 monitor set up)

Any help appreciated!

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Reporting: 3 Monitor Set-Up
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Clarification Request
Which card is this?

Not all 5700 models do 3 monitors. As I can't check this out, I have to wait for the exact card so I can check specs.

Also, not all DVI ports have analog outputs so the DVI to VGA fails.

-> Here's why. VGA is analog and requires a RAMDAC. Since a RAMDAC costs money they rarely put 2 RAMDACs on a card. And DVI digital to VGA boxes are 50+ bucks.

I'm going to stop here as why DVI may not push a VGA is rather overdone.

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ATI HD5700 graphics card with HDMI
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Then no.

As I can't find make and model I can't look any deeper into this. Most cards have a single RAMDAC....

As to alternatives, I can't know if there is a PCIE x1 x16, PCI or such slot. The Dell in question has too many models for me to list it's 20 variants and solutions.

I know this may upset you but details matter if I am to get into it.

-> Why not some HDMI to VGA convertor box?

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To the TOP. RAMDACs, VGA, TWO, etc. simplifies this as:
The following display combinations are possible with the Radeon VE:

VGA + DVI (digital flat panel)
VGA + DVI + video out (television)
VGA + video out (television) "

Picture shows the RAMDACs and connections.

REMEMBER I DON'T KNOW YOUR BOARD. You have shared a series but not the exact board.

HOWEVER on a board with a VGA, DVI and HDMI port the DVI port usually gets the VGA second output from the RAMDAC in the graphic shared here.

So with 2 VGA displays and 1 DVI you don't connect the DVI to the DVI port but to the HDMI port.

But what if your card has a single RAMDAC? Then you need something with a RAMDAC to drive that last VGA display.

-> In parting there are no less than 5 DVI port types. Here's the Wiki on that. shows 6 DVI port types.

Sorry for the firehose of information. I could have done better if I had the exact make/model board and then if only the maker published documents. Here I don't have enough card information to dive into it.
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Thanks for looking into it for me. I am very limited with tech knowledge, so I don't fully understand all your feedback but I get the jist that you can't really provide me more feedback without knowledge on what exact graphic card I have...

Whats the best way to find out this info, basically just have a look inside the PC?

Am thinking a good solution may just be to upgrade to a better graphic card replacing my current one. If so what would be a good cheap graphic card which would suit my needs?

Many thanks!!

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To figure out what display board is in a PC

I've given up on Windows reports when I need to found out what a board's capabilities are.

Here we have a lot of data (see above) and I shared it so you know why things are the way they are. The bottom line is to drive 2 VGA and one digital we need 2 RAMDACs and then we need to know where those connect to. Since this board has 1 each VGA, DVI and HDMI, that's pretty easy to get the connections right but what if this board has a single RAMDAC. That means no second VGA unless we use some DVI to VGA conversion box. NO CABLE DOES THIS.

As to cheap graphic card I'm still without details to tell you that. The PC in question doesn't appear to be in the discussion so I can't tell if you have slots or ports for what card.

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