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2007 The unedited Obama speech....

at Hampton Univ, in Va.

Aside from his racial innuendo and his praise of Jeremiah Wright as his holy mentor what really bugs me is his horrible attempt at trying to sound southern. He sounds as bad, or worse than Dan Aykroyd's very feeble attempt at speaking the southern dialect in Driving Mrs Daisy. Of course I know his supporters will likely praise his artistic acting abilities.

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Reporting: 2007 The unedited Obama speech....
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(NT) Come on Lyle, don't soft sell us. Tell us wot u really think
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he just told you

read it again?

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There is a term used for one changing their dialect

and mannerisms to suit an audience. This was discussed earlier here and I might have been the one who brought it up. For some folks it's quite natural. My mother was southern born and raised but married a "Yankee". We'd tease her about her accent thickening when we'd visit our Carolina kinfolk. I don't think Barack Obama can do this naturally as it's not in his rearing. I'd imagine that Romney is fluent in "business speak" and will change his vocabulary and phrasing while in front of audiences who understand that language. It wouldn't be helpful to him in the political environment. His best bet is to be natural and not force himself to be what he's not. Yes, I think Obama has his "phony baloney" side and I can't help but be suspicious of his real agenda. Romney is a person I don't know well enough to say he'd be a good leader. He does come off as being the "nice guy" type which is refreshing. A good leader would need to have a strong assertive side as well. Obama does have one but I fear his is misdirected.

Just for fun, I would wonder what the American audience reaction would be if Obama put on that accent and those mannerisms during the upcoming debates. I think he's probably not dumb enough to do that.

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Didn't Romney say "Hi, y'all!" when campaigning..... the South, and throw words like "grits" into his speech? I remember Hillary suddenly getting an accent while campaigning in the South too.

The real "horrible attempt" here is the dredging up of this speech to try to make some hay out of it. "47%" this is not, sorry.

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Is there much left that isn't dredgings?

Well, Obama did mention J.W. teaching him about how to make repentance for his sins. Devil

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Never could understand W's need to Tawk Texas when he was

born and raised in Connecticut, and none of the rest of the family "Tawk Lak Thayut".

But we are getting into the realm of personal preferences here, and I prefer Obama's speech to W's any day, or Romney's for that matter. I suppose if that flavour of Kool-Aid is to your taste, you just swallow it down. (And who'd have thought a reference to that horrible incident would become part of the general speech 30 years later. Don't try and hang it on me, I've already seen it several times here as well as elsewhere.)


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Thanks for all the ancient history Tucker Carlson, oh and

you too Lyle.

In my personal opinion there is no lamer site on the web than the Daily Caller. Here's a guy who had all the best education the Right could lavish on him, fellowships at all the Right Institutions following University, and great exposure on CNN and various other networks, and when he comes to do his own program and station, THIS is the best he can do?? But as I said IMO.

Mind you I'm not much impressed with Dinesh D'Souza his precursor at all those same Institutions. or any of the women either Michelle Malkin (talk about "eyes like crystal waters ... and a soul like turpentine." David Bromberg.)


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ancient history?

A lot more recent than all the Bushisms you keep dragging up and beating on.

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Driving Miss Daisy

That also starred Morgan Freeman. He was asked how he felt about the first African American president. He replied that we haven't had the first African American president, we've had the first mixed race president. At least he likes to tell the truth.

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See, James, there's a bright side!

Obama is half white.


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and the other half

is Kenyan

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(NT) By ancestry, yes
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By ancestry???

So by ancestry he is half white? His Dad was from Kenya and I don't believe he was ever a citizen of the USA

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Right, by ancestry

His father was Kenyan. His mother was a white American. According to Wikipedia she was of predominantly English ancestry, with some German, Swiss, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh mixed in. That makes the president's immediate ancestry (father and mother) half Kenyan, half American. Go back further and you get all those European countries added to the mix.

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Oh! I saw that on Star Trek.
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(NT) But, by O's own admission he relates to his "black side"

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