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2001 Chevy prizm oil

I have a 2001 Chevy prizm with 160,000 miles on it, I was told it has a pretty decent oil leak, I just got it changed and they said there was less then a quart of motor oil left, what kind of oil should I use to maintain the oil levels, and are there any recommended engine repair additives I should use?

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Reporting: 2001 Chevy prizm oil
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Multiple oil leaks?

Hi, Keegan; The only answer to this is to have the leak(s) repaired. There is no 'magic' cure. These 'additives' that are on the market are snake oil. They cause the seals to expand which might help, SHORT TERM, then all h**l breaks loose. Don't use them. In the mean time, until you can get the leak(s) fixed, I'd recommend carrying a couple quarts of 10/30 with you and check the oil level, at least, every time you get gas.
Good luck.

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Multiple oil leaks? High mileage

How does all hell breaks loose? Once you use high mileage oil- you must continue or seals will shrink and there will be oil leak.

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of gunking up the engine with additives, you need to find and fix the link. The two areas most commonly associated with oil leaks are the gaskets on oil pan and valve covers. If you have black smoke coming out the tailpipe, then also can include head gaskets.

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Thank you

This is my first car and my knowledge is minimal, so what kind of motor oil should I be using in between oil changes

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tropical area

usually 10w-40w oil.

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Hi, Keegan; I just checked, and you are supposed to be using 5W30. Depending on the valve lifters, using a heavier oil could hydro lock one or more. Usually, though, we can 'cheat' and go with 10/30 in a mild climate. If it's cold where you are, I'd stick with the 5W30.
Good luck.

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Multiple oil leaks

Yeah I put a white sheet under the car to see how much oil I was losing and where, it appears to be coming out on the left and right, I've noticed the liquid on the left side is light brown, while the liquid leaking on the right is a much darker brown

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And I'm in South fl so it's pretty much always hot here, 10w30 would be good?

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Hi, Keegan; 10/30 would probably work, but I'd recommend having the oil leak(s) repaired as soon as you can. If it's leaking from the valve cover gasket, you'll have oil all over the front and rear of the engine. With oil leaks, repair the highest known leak first. Best thing to do would be to have the engine steam cleaned, then watch for fresh leaks. I'm not a 'tree-hugger', but think about the oil that's going into the environment.. then add a couple million more cars... Happy
Good luck. (and stay cool). We're freezing, here.

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