Well; it's been 72 hours since posting this delimma, and I've received no responses; thus, it would seem that it's up to me to find them myself? Allllrightythen! Nevertheless, I've learned a few things in 72 hours, to which I'm going to share; since I'm such a nice guy...

First of all, the local auto part store's scan tools are nearly useless on this particular vehicle. They tend to reveal nothing in the presence of something. However, there's still hope for those who hate dealerships as much as I do; especially Jeep dealerships.

Upon exploring the numerous, video posts upon youtube, I discovered plenty of videos on these problems and more. What's more important is that I discovered how to bring up codes without a costly, diagnostic tool.

If you get in your Jeep and turn the key on and off three times, without starting your Jeep, you'll notice that codes will appear upon your digital, mileage counter. The word "done" will appear after it finishes displaying any codes that might be stored. If the word "done" appears first, then there are no codes for it to display; which will also confirm that you fixed the problem, upon leaving your negative battery cable disconnected for about thirty minutes to clear the system; following the repair.

My code read P1685, which indicated a faulty SKIS -- the electronic module in your steering column which, when bad, will cause the "key symbol" to appear on your dash when starting the car; followed by cessation of engine operation a few seconds later. However, and whatever the code that appears upon yours, simply type it in your search engine, with the word Jeep, and you'll find a host of sources for what it means.

I'd also like to add that I've been trying to detail my Jeep; therefore, and upon removing the inner door panel at the rear, passenger door, as to remove and paint the door handle, I experienced a new symptom upon driving the vehicle that night. I'm driving along, as to take the kids trick or treating, and the bloody car just stops running! I put it in neutral, start it, and proceed. However, and whenever I came to a stop light, the car kept trying to stall. I had to play the ol brake/gas game to get through the night. I had, however, previously read that bad, electric window connections/components can cause this issue; therefore, and upon finished the handle this morning, I put it back together, while the negative battery cable was off for as much time, reconnected the cable, started the car, and it ran just fine. Therefore, the leg bone does seem to be connected to the neck bone on these cars... amazing.

I've also been led to believe that my oil pressure gauge is a result of a faulty, oil sending unit. Having watched a youtube video on the matter, I suspect that oil fouling of the connection might be part of the problem; therefore, I'm going to try and find the sucker, clean it, and see if that doesn't do the trick. If not, then it's replacement time.

I'll try to continue posting, as I discover the causes of these issues. Hopefully, I'll be able to solve most of the problems for those who are dealing with them...