2 x W.10, W.7 questions

Jan 14, 2020 4:23AM PST

Hello Everyone,
I have a thread still operating at this time, under mobile phone, but I feel that I need to open this to assist me with a couple of points. I am not sure if I am permitted to have two threads going at the same time.
I have desktop pc using W7 at my permanent home, quite a long distance away, and a laptop with me, using W10.
Since July 2019, each Update for W10 on my laptop has frozen at 27% - after over 2 hours or more at 27% completed - I have terminated the update.
On the laptop I have the HD partitioned with Linux. I also have various security programmes like Adblock Plus, Ghostery, and I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine.
I am informed that Microsoft will stop support for W7 as from tomorrow. As I am unable to access my desktop for a few more weeks,
My 2 questions are –
1. Will I be able to use the free upgrade to W10, sent by Cnet on December 27th, when I reach my home in early February, and would this be the ‘best way forward’?
2. What would I need to do to permit an Update on my W10 for my laptop? I have tried re-downloading a few times but every time it freezes at 27%!! The longest that I have left it with the little dots circulating during an update is 2.75 hours!
Thanks in advance for any advice,

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Re: questions
Jan 14, 2020 5:33AM PST

1. The free upgrade to Windows 10 is available until Microsoft decides to stop it. Nobody else know when that is, and it could very well be that they don't know themselves either. If no luck in February you're choices are: (1) continue with Windows 7, (2) buy a Windows 10 license, or (3) switch to Linux.

2. I'd download the full .iso file, mount it and run setup.exe from it, preferably after booting into Safe Mode. If that fails also, make a bootable USB-stick of DVD and boot from it to refresh to install it. Two chances to get a success.

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2 x W.10, W.7 questions/ questions
Jan 14, 2020 6:08AM PST

Hello Kees,
Thanks a lot for your answers.
I’ll have a go at the W10 free one when I am at my home in February.
With regard to downloading the full .iso file, I am unsure how to obtain it. I only see the notice to update and after clicking it, it goes on from there. I have not seen a separate way to download it. Could I ask you for some advice on this please, when you have time? Can I download it to the PC or would I have to put it on a CD/DVD? My technical abilities are showing through, here!

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Re: downloading
Jan 14, 2020 6:14AM PST tells how and what.

You can download the .iso-file to your hard disk, then "mount" it in File Explorer run setup.exe.
Or you can make a bootable USB-stick or burn it on DVD (just in case you need the bootable version) and run setup.exe from there. Your choice.
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Jan 16, 2020 3:12AM PST

Hello Kees,

At the end of it all, the download was successful!

However, I never want to go through a marathon like that again!

I started to work with the link that you sent to me at about 1810’ish yesterday. The fact that past windows updates have shut down and reopened the computer at odd times made me have to be close by during the process. Because the HD is partitioned for Linux, and because Linux is the default OS to open on startup, I needed to watch in case I needed to choose Windows rather than automatically open on Linux.

The download went quite smoothly, with a slight pause for some minutes at various times during the operation.

Then a verification check was done, which also went quite smoothly. Up to now it had taken about 2 hours.

Now started the installation. OMG!! This was soooo slow, and it paused on so many %’age numbers of completion and when it got to 27% (Again!!) it stayed there for over 45 minutes. I was not going to stop the process and I went for a “comfort break.”

My horror on my return a few minutes later to find Linux waiting to be opened with the name and password was unmentionable.! I honestly thought that it had decided to stop and undo all previous work. I had to press the power switch and re-start then choose the Windows tab.

My pleasure to find that it reverted to the installation at 30% completed was more than a relief!

The process stopped and I had to choose Windows on two other occasions, but in the end all was finished and the last Restart started the dreaded “checking on the work.” And YES! It stopped for a considerable time when it got to the dreaded 27% yet again, I was most concerned at this point, but I waited and waited and 20 minutes later it continued!

All in all with the final check done and finished at approximately 0050 the whole download and installation had taken just over about 6 hours and 50 minutes.

I am now going to study my “Linux for Dummies” and try to start using Linux – which I am informed doesn’t do things like the performance of last evening!

Thanks for your help in sending the link and I am pleased that it has finished. Hopefully not to be repeated for quite a considerable time!

So now over to Chrome to post this and then try to work on this Firefox thing to get Cnet open in Firefox instead of having to open Chrome to do any posting!

Kind and grateful regards,

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