1st Generation Apple TV

Hello Everyone,

I have a weird question I guess.. I have a first generation Apple TV in perfect condition, that has just been sitting in a drawer since I got newer models in later years.

However, these days having a little more time on my hands, I am fixing up everything I can, trying to put everything I own to good use, and so I was planning to set it up as a little entertainment device serving a guest bedroom. The problem is, it does not even show up in iTunes any more!

Doing a little research online, it looks like to me, since this model was discontinued, even the support ended, and so I ended up with a perfect condition brick??

So, maybe the Community here could help me:

1.) Is there a way, to get it running again as an iTunes server? (I use a Mid-2011 iMac, running the current MacOS Sierra 10.12.3, and the latest version of iTunes

2.) If it can not be used for iTunes any more, what other useful stuff can I install on it?

3.) Does it worth upgrading it in any way (I mean with an SSD drive, etc.)? I do have a 4th Gen. Apple TV for the living room.

Thank you in advance for all your input, it would be of great help!

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Here's the google I used.
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Thank you

I have done some similar searches, yours did give me some more info though.

Was wondering though, if anyone here had first-hand experience with the 1st Gen. Apple TV recently, or if anyone is using it for something currently. (I believe not everyone would post about it online, so does not hurt asking.)

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Just second hand

Folk have done the jailbreak and used it as-is for a few things just like that google search I used. Most of them have ebayed them off since they want the full experience, except for the jailbreakers that had essentially minis.

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I have a 1st Gen AppleTV which is still giving

sterling service feeding my HD TV.
Of course the output is not true HD but it is close enough, through upscaling, as to make no never mind.
I swapped out the standard HD for a larger one, 160GB, (hey - it was big at the time) and have had no problems with either it or the ATV itself.

I ran ATV Flash on it to jailbreak it which gave it more functionality but it still appears in iTunes ( and plays AVI/MP4/MKV and a couple more I cannot remember. is where the aTV Flash (Silver) is located. It's not free but it will turn your V1 into a decent media center. It does require the original Apple software to be present though.

I dump my movies onto it using Transmit, an FTP program, but any FTP will work with it.


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Establishing FTP connection with Apple TV1

I read your post with interest, particularly the last sentence: "I dump my movies onto it using Transmit, an FTP program, but any FTP will work with it". I am struggling to do the same. Would you be so kind to tell me how I can transfer movies from your My iMac to my Apple TV1 which has just been equipped with an aTVFlash (Silver)? I have no experience whatsoever with the use of an FTP program. I understand you can do it via Cyberduck or Classic FTP but so far I haven't been able to configure neither of them properly.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Apple TV1 = OSMC Kodi Box

I just found 2 older ATV 1 gens that I forgot I had. I was able to install OSMC and run Kodi. Not bad performance. I'm using an older 720p TV so pic quality is as good as it can get on the TV. I had to use the ATV with a wired connection - not sure if it can run on wireless network. There are some upgrades that can be done for better performance (HD Crystal card) and larger HD, but I figure by the time I invest more $$ into this I could have bought a new Android/Kodi box for the same cost.

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Volumio on AppleTV 1st gen
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I have tried several possibilities. I created a Sierra OS external drive and downgraded to iTunes Tried to replace the "iTunes Library.itl" file from my current High Sierra iTunes 12.7.x in the iTunes 12.6.x folder but of course I got an error message that it wasn't compatible with an earlier version, so...I tried the Export Playlist/Import Playlist method (Export Playlist from my current Mac OS and Import Playlist on my iTunes 12.6.x) and was able to get all of my current iTunes media on to my iTunes 12.6.x. The only thing that seems to be different is the Apple TV icon at the top of the iTunes menu is missing, but clicking on my iPhone/iPad icon dropped down a menu with iPhone, iPad AND Apple TV. Now I can connect to my ATV1, but still having problems with uploading photos and creating Screen Saver, etc. Home Sharing does work though. My next step is going to try downgrading iTunes to 12.6.2 and see if that helps.

Sorry for the long blurb and left a lot out, any comments would be appreciated. Love my ATV1 and hate it when Apple abandons their old products (where's my horse & buggy?).

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My AppleTV 1 Gen can't playback movies smoothly!

I have an AppleTV 1st Gen as well, and it shows up regularly in my iTunes 11.4. But, after I activated two factor authentication, the AppleTV can't connect to iTunes Store any more. The most annoying thing is that it can play back music with screen savers with no problem, but when it comes to movies that I have in my iTunes library, the playback has hiccups every 30 seconds or so. It seemed that the situation doesn't depend on whether the movie is High-Definition or Standard-Definition. The playback hiccups are pretty much the same with both type of movies. So, I suspect that the hiccups are related to the fact that the AppleTV isn't signed into iTunes store. This is really annoying, since movie playback is the major capability of the AppleTV. I wonder whether anyone have any similar problems? and what kind of solution can be found? Now, the AppleTV is like a brick in the house, but a fully functional one. I hate to recycle the AppleTV since the newer ones are just plain ugly, and mine is not broken in any way. It is just wrong for Apple to waste good stuff like this. I am sad. Also, think of it, who do I recycle this to? No one can use it since Apple stopped supporting it.

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Isn't that over 8 years old?
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The movies I own should still playback!

In the link you provided, it says that the movies one already purchased should still playback well! But, this is not the case. Now, unless I spend some $150 and get an ugly new AppleTV, I can't even play back the movies I already have on the AppleTV! Is this the real intention of the Apple Inc? I really hope not.

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You can extend this argument to

Phones, cars and more. So far I see the content plays in iTunes so it's just the gen 1 player that has lost support. It was a good run.

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Apple has put a damper on ATV 1 connecting to the store

and to iTunes.
I am currently working with a replacement ATV1 and was surprised that it not only could not connect to iTunes or Store, but is also stated that my Apple ID could not be found.
Looks like iTunes 12.6 and above is a no go zone for the ATV1.
I used ATVFlash on my original and will be doing the same again with this one
For details of ATVFlash, see the post just up from this one. Firecore is the place


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