Don't take the amp out the speakers need it to work. When I had the problem you have i realized that the speaker wires don't go to where the deck/stereo is at they go directly to the amp and the wires that we hooked our decks to are only the single wires that go to the amp, this will work but you have to have a very precise wiring diagram. The reason that you hear no sound is because the amp turn on single isn't hooked up to the deck, and I can't find a wiring diagram that tells me what this wire's color is. Because of this I decided to try and bypass the amp and take it completely out of the equation. So I got speaker wire and sent it from the deck to where the speaker wires actually are (where they go into the amp) but this didn?t work either because the speakers need the amp to work. I have two theories why this didn?t work,
1. The speakers that are in our jeeps are better and have higher watts than mostly all other vehicles factory speakers (which they actually are) so they needed an amp and by passing the amp won?t work.
2. Jeep company made their decks differently and they don?t have a small amp in their deck like mostly all other factory decks this might be because the speakers are to good amp powerful to be run off of a small deck amp or because they just did things differently. The amps in the new decks are not big enough.

I have also bought this small little blue box that you can splice in to the speaker wiring that is going to the amp and then sent the sound/signal to your subs and after market amp but this still won?t work unless you know what wire is the factory amp turn on so then you can also splice into that so it can turn your aftermarket amp on too.

I have one last option before take it to be professionally installed, I am going to try and get a converter that plugs directly into the factory wiring harness and then into new decks. For this to work I had to put everything back to factory condition.

My final solution is, I am going to take it to visions electronics in Red Deer Alberta and get it professionally installed.