i had identical systems.

Even though I could get the starter to turn the engine over the engine would not start. Also all the instrument guages did not work and the OBD II gave no error codes.

I tried a new crankcase position sensor - no change.

Next I contacted Ryan at www.SOLOAUTO.com in Florida. I gave him my Vin# and also the mileage from the odometer. (Note even though all the instruments are out the odometer shows the mileage when you turn on the ignition!0 He reprogrammed a new PCM. and shipped it out for a cost of US$250.

The vehicle is up and running.

I went through months of hell without my vehicle and the Chrysler Corporation were no help at all. I was going to buy a new Jeep Wrangler from them but now I KNOW I will not buy another of their vehicles ever again.

I hope you get up and running.