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1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport, will not start / no spark

I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4.0L with Manual Transmition that will not start.

The engine cranks but I am not getting any spark.

When attempting to start I can hear the fuel pump engaging and after several attempts you can smell gas in the engine compartment.

The rotor, distribitor cap, spark plugs and wires have all been changed within the last 1000 miles and before this no starting problem was running well.

Visual check of the rotor shows that it is rotating when cranking engine.

The first thing I did was to change the pick up, same results.

Next I changed the coil, still nothing.

I removed the Crank Positioning Sensor and it tested good and reinstalled it.

I traced the wiring harness from the Crank Positioning Sensor to the ECM (PCM). Under the ECM there is a large connector where I found a broken wire but after inspection of the Connector also found some corrosion. I removed the Connector and reconnected the wires, wire to wire using butt connectors. Still will not start.

I tested thye MAP sensor and am getting a 4.5 reading, so the sensor is testing good.

I checked all fuses, the Auto Shut Down Relay and ignition relays and all tested good.

I have also rechecked the grounds from alsong side the coil and all have been cleaned and attached firmly.

Any suggestions on what I have missed?

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Reporting: 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport, will not start / no spark
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try replacing the CPS anyway.

I had the exact same problem on my 1999 Cherokee 4.0L (auto transmission). I tested everything, including the crankshaft position sensor, and everything seemed to test good. After getting a new distributor and ignition coil we were stumped. Ended up retesting everything and tested the CPS the right way, tested bad. Replaced it and it started right up. Some Jeep people told me the difference in a test between a good and bad CPS is so slight its almost not worth testing them and should just be replaced.
So you may want to try a new one, even if you think it tested good.

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i had this prob

it maybe the factory alarm it cuts spak to the motor hit the lock/unlock three time from the passenger door or go to the pass side bottom kick plate and bypass the alarm by cutting the purple and yellow wire hooked into the black spot and ground it to the chassis it worked for me

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same problem

Buddy, I'm in the exact same situation, with 1 exception - I replaced my crank positioning sensor with new - all i can suggest is keep searching the forums.

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any luck?

were you able to have any luck fixing this problem? im in the exact same position and need sum help

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I have 96 jeep cher. sport that won't start either

This thing cranks but will not start. Went to dealer shop for cat converter recall and the jeep hasn't started since. They said there work had nothing to do with it and pushed it outside. I trailered it home no spark at coil. Tested first then started replacing! Replaced coil, cap, rotor, crank sensor, ecu. fuses, relays. Nothing works. Help please!!

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96 jeep

ps; rotor is turning on the 96 cher. everything electricial in car is working also

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Same Problem

I had the same problem and after replacing the cap, rotor, crank position sensor, wires, plugs, and anything else I could think of I gave up and took it to a local mechanic.

The mechanic was able to determine the lack of spark was traced back to a bad Oxygen Sensor. I changed the Oxygen Sensor myself but I had to buy a special socket to do the job. The sensor cost me about $55 and the socket was about $15.

I hope this help; I know how frustrating this can be.

Good Luck

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Me too

Yeah I replaced the o2 sensor then spark plugs and wires new battery new battery csables and distributer cap rotor button coil pack finally after all that took it to a local mechanic he said it was an oxygen crank 200 dollars and its ran great sense.

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95 Grand Cherokee "No Spark"

I have a 95 Grand Cherokee 4.0. It died as if someone had pulled the coil wire.

I found that there was no spark and replaced the following;
Crankshaft Position Sensor
Pickup Coil
Coil Wire

No change. I also noticed a clicking coming from the fuel pump relay so I replaced relays and fuses.

Still, cranks, but no start, no spark...In addition the speedometer was reading 10 mph with key in on position.

Replace ECM. Still, no change. Yes it was programmed.

Midas, by the way, diagnosed the ECM issue and told me I need a new one. $500 later, the condition is unchanged. They (Midas) is now saying the ECM is not communicating.

Help! Please.


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Same Issue Here 1995 model

I'm having the same problem. After changing everything mentioned above from wires to coil to cps sensor and new battery the mechanic said that it had to be the pcm.
First he tried to clear the pcm (said it could be full of codes from all the work done) but the adaptor to the 1995 model is hard to find. My last hope is to find it and see if that heals the wound.

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No start 95 Jeep grand chrokee

Im having a no spark issue from coil and ofcourse no start i was driving and just shut down no there was just new plugs, wires put in less the 1000 before this problem happened replace CPS still no start,also i seen i have no gauge resonce when key turn to on or run position .Im getting fuel but no spark and other issues ive stated eailyer

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Did you figure it out.

Did toot

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Did you figure it out.

My 99 Cherokee is doing the same thing

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which o2 sensor did you replace. Is the car still running well? Thanks! Scott

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Jeep Issues!

Did you ever figure out the problem? We have the same problem have replaced everything there is on the thing even the head gasket have fiddled with timing but theres just no spark please email back if you can!!

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quick fix

I had this exact problem and tried everything posted here the soltion to my problem lied in the factory alarm system with the vehicle shut down function. If your vehicle has the power lock function try pushing the unlock switch three times on the passenger side door it sounds dumb but it some how resets the system I was absolutely astounished to find that trick worked nothin beats the feeling when you hit the key and it fires up right away also try replaceing the relay to that function in the fuse block next to the overflow tank

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factory alarm?
Hi i have a 1995 cherokee sport 4.0 and i am in the same position. i have changed plugs, wires, cps, distributor, cap, and rotor, along with the coil. im getting results that sound as if the car wants to turn over however it is not starting. i checked fuel, even tested with starting fluid all seems good there. as i crank the car over it sounds as if it sparks once or twice but will not start...

how do i know if my car has a factory alarm as sugested preiously and how can i disarm it???

Thanks for any help i can get!

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Same Problem

Did you ever get this problem fixed? Or is any one out there have or had this problem any got it fixed?

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88 Cherokee EFI 4x4 4.0l My fix for the same issue.

I went through everything Coil, Ignition on the column, CrankPSx2, CamPS, MAP, TPS, ECU Starter Relay, Starter, Ignition Barrel, but my fix came from replacing the ICU (Ignition Control Unit). As soon as I hit the key it fired right up. The thing the coil sits in was my culprit and I replaced it with one from the junkyard.

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94Jeep has power to coil but no spark?

I put new plugs/wires In my 94 jeep grand Cherokee it started fine then changed cap/rotor and now it won't start Im getting power to coil but no spark I hooked a tester to a plug wire and when u turn the key on it lights up then immediately goes off and won't come back on any tips would be awesome thanks

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93 jeep Cherokee Laredo

93 Cherokee. 4.0 straight 6. Started up today backed it up 5 feet it shut off. Checked for spark.. Doesn't have any. Before all this when I really got on it.. It would cut out. Yesterday I started it an shut off an turn the key back over an it acted like the battery was dead. Put a jump box on an still wouldn't do anything. Waited a minute an fired right up. I drove it all day today then got home an couple hours later is when I backed it up an it shut off

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The jeep just cranks an cranks but won't fire

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I recently went trough something similar, It turn out when I replaced my computer, one of the connectors was not secure and was vibrating lose, causing random no starts and shutting down while driving.

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Light go off and wont come back on

Yours sounds like a battery issue the way you describe it. When you hit the key does it turn over, or do all the lights dim?

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Same issues!

Did you ever figure this out? Our jeep is doing the very same thing, we've tried everything and have gotten nowhere!

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Maybe the Negative wires?

I don't know if anyone is still looking at this thread, but under cylinder number 5 there are three or four wires that are usually covered in S!@#. Un-Bolt them with a 12mm rachet (deep socket) and clean well, clean the terminal and bolt down tight, that solved my problem in a heartbeat. Spark came back and runs like a dream.

I started by wasting my time by replacing the CPS the O2 sensor the cap plugs wire, an entire tune-up.

Time to clean terminals and get your stuff running again.

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1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport , will not start / no spark

I will try cleaning these ground wires.
I am curious if your Jeep has the Factory Alarm that is talked about in this thread. I have had very similar cut out issues, while pulling out of driveway, driving down the road, low speed and even at 50 mph.
I have always got it to re-start by messing, moving the wires hooked to the 3 ECM connectors at the fire wall until yesterday.
My Jeep is a 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited that came with a Factory Alarm, Power Locks Etc. I believe I have the Original Key Fob.
The Power Door Locks have always worked on both sides and with the Key Fob, but always seem to make a weaker unlock noise than I would Expect. Sort of like the Battery is Low on Voltage. I have suspected this noise for the last 2 years.
When the Jeep quit on the road today, I disconnected the Positive Battery Terminal and removed the overflow tank so I could unplug the ECM connectors, then plugged them back in thinking this would work.
No luck, I then hooked my scanner to check codes, none. Looked at live data to make sure all sensors were reading.
The Alarm issue sounds possible, unless my Crank Sensor finally just stopped working once and for all.
I disconnected both Battery Terminals and trickle charged the battery last night.
I will reconnect the battery and try to start it, if no start, I will try the passenger door lock/unlock 3 times, if that doesn't work I will clean the ground wires under cylinder 5.
I will post back with my results.

Any reply about the Alarm Circut would be much appreciated.
One other Possible related Issue:

Since I bought the Jeep a couple years ago, the Factory Ignition Switch had been a little loose, just worn out for the year using the Original Key.
Your could turn the key farther forward when starting than normal and backward, past the Normal Accessory position.
I finally had to replace the complete Ignition Switch months ago because the tumbler tang broke inside and would not operate any longer.

My cut out, no-start issues were only once in awhile prior to the ignition switch complete failure. At the time I was sure that the Worn/Bad Ignition Switch was the source of the No-Start/Cut out Issues. Not so, but possibly related to my current No-Start Issue if the Factory Alarm Ends up being the Original Main Problem.

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Same issue here with a 1993 XJ 4.0

Following this thread to see what may be the issue...we tried changing the battery, and then the starter. We hear the fuel pump when we turn the key over, but no spark...doesn't turn over. PLEASE HELP!

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Fought crank but no start in 1993 YJ 4.0L, bad CPS connector

I went through this sudden and random "will not start" with my '93 YJ 4.0L before. Checked everything. CPS sensor measured fine. Finally decided to disconnect, clean, and reconnect CPS connector that is on CPS sensor line from tranny bell housing to top rear of engine near firewall. Connector was covered in grit and grease from 210K miles of use. Connector was rarely making intermittent contact, causing loss of spark, probably due to dirt and/or corrosion. Problem fixed. I am only posting now because I had another crank/no start situation this weekend after using foaming engine cleaner and hose in engine compartment. I initially suspected wet distributor and/or coil, chased problem for a few hours, then decided to let things dry out. Later, I remembered that I also got the CPS cable connector with the foam and water. Took the connector apart, cleaned and dried it, added a dab of dielectric grease, put the connector back together, and back in business. I'm beginning to dislike that connector.

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94 jeep cherokee

94 jeep Cherokee starts but then turns off and will no longer start. If it sits for a few hrs it will start again. Changed crank sendor, computer, battery & other stuff above same issue. ANY ideals

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