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195,000 year-old **** sapiens fossils found

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Reporting: 195,000 year-old **** sapiens fossils found
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that's unpossible

man can't be more than, what, 6000 years old?

Yeah that has to be a fraud.

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Yeah, all those fossils are a worldwide conspiracy!

Everybody knows that. Sheesh.


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6,000 years, you've got to be kidding. . .

Please don't tell me you subscribe to the thought that man is only 6,000 years old. Scientific FACTS tell us that the Earth is billions of years old, and that the fossil record is true.

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/sarcasm (left this out)

thought it was obvious. "unpossible" ???

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Ah HA!. . .

You had me worried. I knew you were smarter than that.

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How did they find out

he was a ****? Happy

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Because they also found

a fossilized Spongebob Squarepants doll.



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(NT) (NT) Thanks Dan, I love it!
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I curious if the dating methods

take into effect possible changes done to the body prior to burial. For instance what effect would our methods of fluid embalming have on dating methods years later. Would those embalmed test true to date? Another question is since some societies cremate their dead, usually lower temp than the ovens we use that turn everything into ash, afterwards the bones are collected and buried, does the heat and burning process affect the dating of such bones? Soil conditions can also have an effect, I know I've read that before. I view most of the "datings" with a jaundiced eye, I don't consider them accurate and there are too many variables I don't think they've accounted for.

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Embalming 190,000 years ago? Give me a break,
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No, give me a break

Perhaps you can describe mankind's way of life at that time? Preparation of dead bodies for burial or cremation are in every culture as far back as history records. We just don't know what all happened to the bones over that long a period of time.

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James, 195,000 years ago

there was no art, and art is always associated with religion. You're grasping at straws to try to repudiate facts you find uncomfortable. Besides, such dating isn't normally based only on the bones themselves, but also on the strata in which they were found.

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Huh?! What am I uncomfortable about?

I don't believe that 6K years argument. It has holes in it from the Bible itself, since lists don't match exactly and names in one don't appear in the other and vice versa. Some old guy came up with the idea those names were all immediately following each other from the term "begat" without considering there may have been generations between one "begatting" the later.

Without you getting sidetracked into some religious discussion, I'm pointing out how separate from any such considerations I think that all variables and possibilities for the reputed age haven't been fully explored or proven.

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It's a geological time

which would have nothing to do with embalming or cremation.

To find the age of the skulls, the researchers determined that volcanic rock lying just below the sediment that contained the fossils was about 196,000 years old. They then found evidence that the fossil-bearing sediment was deposited soon after that time.

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That's better than relying on

carbon dating methods for something reputed to be that old.

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dating looks good
The researchers dated mineral crystals in volcanic ash layers above and below layers of river sediments that contain the early human bones. They conclude the fossils are much older than a 104,000-year-old volcanic layer and very close in age to a 196,000-year-old layer, says Brown.

Interspersed among the river sediments are occasional layers of volcanic ash from ancient eruptions of nearby volcanoes. Some ash layers contain chunks of pumice, which in turn contain feldspar mineral crystals. Feldspar has small amounts of radioactive potassium-40, which decays into argon-40 gas at a known rate. The gas, trapped inside feldspar crystals, allows scientists to date the feldspar and the pumice and ash encasing it.

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