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140 to 1 and 1 won. President Obama chooses a sort of

Jan 29, 2010 11:22AM PST

Question Period British Parliamentary style. Every week the whole cabinet sits on the front bench in Parliament directly opposite his opposite number, The Leader of the Opposition, and everybody in the opposition can ask a question, some of which are taken by other Cabinet Ministers, and some of which are asked by the Prime Minister's own party.

His performance was a recording I will play for my son. He's a superb politician, and clearly not the demonic screaming Bolshevik he's been painted. I think he's a genius for being able to keep all the information available to recall to deal with the questions he was asked. And they weren't playing patty-cake.


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Reporting: 140 to 1 and 1 won. President Obama chooses a sort of
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(NT) I have no idea what you are referring to
Jan 30, 2010 3:26AM PST
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Here ya' go
Jan 30, 2010 3:40AM PST
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Can't find the best link but I think Rob
Jan 30, 2010 3:48AM PST

was referring to this

President Obama meets with Republicans Encounter.

It was presented as an attempt to gain bi-partisan support and allow time to answer questions posed by those who opposed some of his programs. From what I've heard and read, it was mostly conducted in a dignified fashion by both the president and the congressional members there. However, the press chose to focus on a part of it that apparently got a little rough and presented it as a battle of wits. So, what I think Rob is saying is that the president took on 140 Republicans and beat them all...of which he is joyous.

So, you take what's supposed to be an honest attempt at conversation but view it as a confrontation with a winner expected to emerge. Isn't this what's wrong with some members of congress and way too many citizens? They don't want harmony....only defeat of an enemy. Shameful, IMO.

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I watched it and
Jan 30, 2010 4:10AM PST

came away with the same feeling I had during the SOTU Address Wednesday. He was still arrogant, insulting, and finger pointing. This statement, which he said during both speeches struck me most:

QUOTE: He said the American people don't "want us to focus on our job security. They want us to focus on their job security."

It left me cold with the feeling that he was directing it mainly at the Democrats Wednesday night regarding the health care bill that he is still determined as much as Nancy Pelosi to get passed, NO MATTER WHAT, and that he is directing them to throw themselves under their political buses to make him look good.

The rookie took him to task and Obama fielded those four or five promised points very deftly without fact based statements when you actually look at the record, just as Obama, as a Constitutional attorney and professor, got the facts wrong during his insulting remarks to the Justices of the Supreme Court sitting ten feet away from him. None of that part of his speech was in the preview that was handed out ahead of time, so he literally sucker punched the Justices and blind sided them during a public speech. He is allowed to disagree with them, but in order to disagree insultingly, he better have his facts correct or he again loses credibility....and in my opinion he did.

140 to 1....and The Appointed One did not win, in my opinion. He came to lecture and he did. He has lost credibility heavily on all fronts over his last ten or so attempts when he confronted the campaign trail and the public, the SOTU Address, and now the GOP retreat.

The Dems also made darn sure that they were able to pass the 1.7T dollar debt limit by 60-39 by refusing to seat the Mass Senator Elect in time for that vote, when history has shown that others were sworn in within a day or two without waiting for written confirmation.

Convince me that they want bipartisanship.


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His little trip to Baltimorfe.
Jan 30, 2010 3:54AM PST

Not everyone's assessment is as rosy (for him) as Rob's. I've heard it called the "Ill-Will Visit".

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(NT) Too political, so locked.
Jan 30, 2010 4:53AM PST

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