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Jan 8, 2009 11:37AM PST

I am looking to start a small home business and looking for a web design company. I am looking for few companies online, can you suggest some good web design companies?

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hosting company suggestions also
Jan 8, 2009 11:40AM PST

I am also looking for some good hosting companies, so please suggest some hosting company also


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Verio Hosting
Jan 8, 2009 12:39PM PST

I found that verio hosting seems good. I am going to call them first thing in the am to find out exact details. Their sales number went on a voicemail. By the way anybody i am going to be a franchise of bestblinds for eastern NC area.

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Be Aware of shady web design companies
Jan 9, 2009 11:48PM PST

Stay away from 123Triad. They use a lot of applications and tools that you can find free online. Then they charge you a considerable amount for these things. Too much money for simple customizing. You would do better spending all that money taking a basic web design class or program.

The sales people (the honest ones)go to Rupesh to get a quote for what the potential client has asked for. After Rupesh gives a quote he sticks to it and sometimes he changes his mind or blames the sales person to cover his tracks.

Your designer is in India. That would be fine if they did not make so many spelling and grammatical errors. The language barrier is frustrating for the Project Managers who deal with the client and the designers. Often times your project manager is told that they have to let the designer fix the problem rather than letting the PM fix it and helping the client.

Rupesh the owner claims that people have a problem with him because he is Indian and his designers are Indian. That people are racist. No one gives a crap what your race is or the race of your designers. It's about getting what the clients paid for right and on time.

The head of the project managers John is not exactly helpful and sounds like he's smoked a little too much weed. He kept skirting around the issues we were having. He was no help. Useless.

Rupesh has sent inappropriate emails to clients not only from one of his many generic email accounts but from his employees email address.

The employee has no idea what's going on until the client calls about the inappropriate email.

Please read the contract. In fact have a lawyer look over it. Because Rupesh has a solid and shady contract.

On our contract, it stated that if we complained to the Better Business Bureau we would be charged $100 as well his his legal fees.

As a result of trying to get somewhere with the BBB I no longer have faith in that organization. Since they are paid by companies like 123 Triad to be a member.

Rupesh went from one lawyer to three in order to handle all the lawsuits. Is this someone you really want to do business with?

Rupesh spends a considerable amount of time and money to make sure that his company is on the top of the google search and even owns the rights to the domain "", his lawers are busy suing unhappy clients and making inappropriate racial/gender remarks to his employees. Of which do not have any benefits and are expected to work from home at all hours of the night without pay.

How do I know all of this? I was lucky that the two people that worked on selling/creating our site called me after they quit to tell me how sorry they were for what happened and answered all of my questions.

These two individuals were stuck in this economy and obviously needed to pay their bills. But it got too much for them to see how their clients were being screwed and it was a matter of principle and ethical morality.

Make your own decisions. Buyer Beware. But if you take a look at all the threads/ forums on 123Triad pay attention to everything and ask yourself if you feel their are that many disgruntled
employees/clients is it all them and no blame on 123Triad/Rupesh ******

Pay special attention to Rupesh's responses. The fact that he would slander his former employees and claim that they embezzled money and then went so far as to put their names and city locations on this website is atrocious!

Shame on you Rupesh.

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Former Employee Responds and then some
Jan 10, 2009 8:10AM PST

It sounds like whoever your sales/PM were they pretty much clued you in on the inner workings of this company. Someone should alert the Attorney General or someone who can investigate this company and their practices.

I left 123Triad early last year for a better job and never looked back. That was until one of my former co-workers (friends) informed me earlier today that there was an unflattering post about me.

This post with my full name was in response to a posting someone made and they assumed it was me. Needless to say it was not.

The posting was not only nasty, but petty and vindictive as well. Judge for yourself. The link below is to the particular thread I am speaking of:;search-results#2948071

Right on!
by lgd79 - 10/9/08 11:52 PM In reply to: 123 Triad is NOT professional and very BAD! by BrianDjr

I worked for this company until recently. You are exactly right, they suck, they're rude and don't care about the customer. The owner Rupesh********, is a money hungry ****************. You're right, he will sue even if the work isn't done, and loves every second of it. Karma will get him. The only Americans that have ANY thing to do with the sites are the so called "project managers" who all think they can do and say what they want to clients and get away with it. Stay away from this company. Period.

by realemployeetriad - 1/9/09 9:56 PM In reply to: Right on! by lgd79

Jaimee ********, the poster above is trying to Malign our company. She quit when she realized that she was about to be fired. I have closely worked with Jaimee ********, and she is known to be a DRAMA QUEEN, ATTENTION SEEKER, would abuse her managers and superiors and was proud of her - self called JERSEY GIRL attitude. She had completely failed to do her job and would waste companies resources and behave 20 years younger than what she is. She has been confronted several times to stop her nonsense and do her job before she left the organization.

Jaimee ********, had a troubled marriage and would spend 7 hours complaining about her ex-husband and how he treated her. She would complain about each and everything. She is not working with us for over a year now, but it seems she is still unemployed and passes by our huge office building everyday and looking at our big name, works on ideas to slander against rupesh and the company. Jaimee ********, ...a humble suggestion is to move on get a life and get a job , you have been a long history! nobody here thinks about you !
Jaimee ********, we will be here and growing against your hope !!
Yes Karma will get somebody eventually. Jesus will be with the right person, rest assured about that Jaimee *******.

I am sure mysteriously you will now stumble across this forum and use a real name or another fake id besides "lgd79" and I will personally respond to that right here! I am sure Rupesh would not like to discuss all this here , but I just can?t stand that it anymore.

We are good without some of the employees like you Jaimee ************

Nice right? I could care less what that little man and his sycophants think of me. However, I will not stoop to their level and post nasty lies or truths about them. I have class.

I think that their post about me actually speaks volumes as to the type of company and people you would be dealing with.

Hell, at least make sure you are accusing the right person.

So, a little "humble"advice for you Rupesh ******* and Tiffany *******

Focus on bettering your business practices rather than resorting to being nasty and hostile.

Note this post has been edit by Forum Admin to remove personal information.

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