actually get press - that others read and use as a guide...

1) Shows a misunderstanding of 24p vs not. If you want HD-DVD or BluRay video quality, then use the cameras filmmakers use - not a consumer camcorder.

2) Shows a misunderstanding of what people want to upload vs what they end up uploading - and complaining about the quality and "poor low-light" characteristics.

3) Agree with the first half for "ease of use". Second half shows a misunderstanding of how business works. Using this logic, I should buy gas from GM or Ford or whatever auto manufacturer. Or ALL the applications on my computer should come ONLY from that computer manufacturer.

4) Agree.

5) Agree - to a point.

6) Shows a misunderstanding of how DVD authoring works - and what Grandma wants. Grandma does not care about HD - standard definition is she needs, and all she gets. The DVD authoring takes care of that - Not a big deal.

7) Agree - to a point. Shows a misunderstanding of technology. miniDV tape stores digitally - and is as digital as a hard drive or flash memory or DVD - just in a different digital format. "... seems so, uh, analog"... but it isn't analog, so why even attempt the comparison?

Cool Agree - too bad a camcorder had to be singled out...

9) Regretfully, I agree.

10) Picked a camcorder and backed up why it was picked.

Four useful points; three half useful points... 6.5 out of ten... uh... no... Not accurate enough. But that is just my opinion.