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$1 million to either access or destroy Mitt Romney's

$1 million to either access or destroy Mitt Romney's tax records

Thieves demand $1 million to either access or destroy Mitt Romney's tax records

Thieves are demanding $1 million to return Mitt Romney's stolen tax records. (Just picture them asking with one pinky finger delicately poised at the corner of the mouth.)

You would think that with such potentially damaging information at a critical time in the U.S. presidential election, they could have at least upped the ante a little.

Also, the fact that the request came via Internet, from individuals who claim a PricewaterhouseCoopers insider helped them "gain access to... network file servers and copy over the tax documents for one Willard M. Romney and Ann D. Romney" sounds like the sort of hoax conjured up by a group of remarkably intelligent college kids.

But as the Globe and Mail reports, this is the sum required to end one of the strangest high-stakes blackmail schemes in recent memory — and it's serious enough that the Secret Service has started investigating.

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Reporting: $1 million to either access or destroy Mitt Romney's
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(NT) Obama's college sealed college records would more interestin
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(NT) I like you
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Do you think they would reveal that Obama defrauded the US government to the tune of millions of dollars?

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(NT) Are you suggesting that Romney has?
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I'm suggesting it's possible, yes

There's only one way to find out, and Romney refuses to provide it.

Imagine it was Obama refusing to release his tax returns and honor a tradition that has gone on for nearly 50 years. Tell me you wouldn't be blowing blood vessels over that.

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I can't be sure......

what Obama is hiding. However, looking back over the past 20 +/- years and taking into account the verifiable lies he's told, I am pretty sure a man like him is hiding some real juicy information in sealing his college records. I was execting "transparency."

What do you think?

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Well, first of all....

.....everyone's college records are sealed. His, yours, mine, everyone's.

Secondly, I know of no other president who has endured this much demand for his college transcripts and birth certificate. Conversely, ALL presidential candidates release their tax returns. Only Mitt Romney has refused to do it. Doesn't that concern you just an eensy little bit?

Thirdly, Obama was made editor of the Harvard Law Review. You don't just luck into that job, and despite the claims made by some, you can't get it via affirmative action either. There's only one way; you have to earn it.

Having less than stellar college grades is a far less important matter than whether a candidate cheated on his taxes for years and only escaped prosecution because of an amnesty program.

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Bush released HIS college records

if you recall.......and was lambasted over them. Perhaps BO has more to hide that even YOU want to admit because HE sealed HIS records including his attorney records with huge bucks. Is there proof that he was made editor of the Harvard Law Review? Wouldn't that also be part of his sealed records? Did you only know about that because of somebody being interviewed that SAID he was or because BO himself bragged about it in one of his books? He claims to be the 'most transparent prez' in history, but his record proves literally have to take his WORD for everything because he makes sure you can't get to the REAL information.

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"Is there proof he was made editor?"
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By the way, Bush did not release his records

Someone else managed (somehow) to get hold of them and released them. Here's an interesting article on the subject, from the Washington Times (that's a right-leaning paper so you can keep your anti-media rants under wraps this time):

Note that Obama graduated Magna_***_Laude from Harvard (had to underscore to get around the forum censor). That's not sealed and you can't fake your way to that distinction. It's not the highest honor you can get but you can't get it unless your GPA is in the upper 3's:***_laude%27_or_%27summa_***_laude%27

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Since the school records ...

would likely show that he attended as a foreign student, YES he defrauded the country with the DNC's help but not to the tune of millions but BILLIONS of dollars.

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Come on Edward's Sept NOT April
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Come on, Ed.

You're too smart to fall for that stuff. It "likely" took JP all of ten seconds to debunk that dumb rumor.

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Lyle, you can tell a great deal about Obama's college career

simply by the arc of his achievement. He had to have done well enough to get into Harvard Law, the toughest school in the US, He had to have done well at Harvard to have been elected to Law Review, and he had to have done well enough within Law Review to be named Editor. There's only one of those a year and reputedly he did very well as editor. The supposed question is, did he get into his first College based on Affirmative Action. But lots of people knuckle down in their last two years and get into Grad School (like myself), and lots of people, once they've chosen their goal become incredibly focussed, and all the dumb stuff falls away.

I'm very impressed by his speeches, by his reasoning, and by his willingness to meet reporters. He had more press conferences in his first year than Bush had in 8 years as I understand it, but even if it was more than Bush's First Term of 4 years, complete with 9/11, it's an impressive number.

I'd say that Hilary Rodham Clinton has performed as well as Condoleezza Rice, though she doesn't speak quite as well. Her (Hillary's) working with Foreign governments has been very successful, moreso than Condi's.


Over all, the Democratic Convention blew the Republican one out of the water.

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Ziks, while reading your post a song came to mind..

"He had more press conferences in his first year than Bush had in 8 years"

Toby Keith: I want to talk about ME, I want to talk about I, I want to talk about NUMBER ONE oh-my-me-my!

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In Clintons speech he mentioned Obama...32 times

That's hardly talking about himself.

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I'd encourage these folks to go ahead and expose

what they have. I suspect they'll be phony. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I could also imagine this to be some planned subterfuge to force Romney to release the real ones. It may come from higher level sources than just some anonymous computer geeks in someone's basement.

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RE: computer geeks in someone's basement.
While the messages were initially treated as pranks, higher-ups began to take them seriously when the envelopes mailed to local party offices appeared to contain a scanned Romney signature on one of his 1040 forms.
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If you call in a real or a phony threat

designed to do something illegal, someone in an official...and perhaps, unofficial... capacity will be looking for you.

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I guess you didn't see
began to take them seriously

No doubt they'll do some preliminary investigations...THEN/IF they find a reason to expand the investigation they "take them seriously"

I check back Sept 28/29 when events are supposed to start to unfold, one way or the other.
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Serious as in they want to see the records

for their own edification or seriously in that they are looking at the legal issues? You seem to be interested as well. What finding would give you the most joy?

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(NT) I'll let you know Sept 28/29
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No real answer again

You throw stuff out and just wait for others to respond so you can critique their responses but rarely state your own thinking. I was simply asking what finding in Romney's tax records would you want to see? If he was able to legally minimize what he paid in taxes, would that be enough? If Obama deliberately did not take deductions he was entitled to, would that be better? The only thing that should hurt anyone in this regard is intentional misreporting in order to avoid paying taxes. If such was the case with Romney, he'd not only be out of the race but maybe headed to the hoosegow. I suspect that would bring a wide grin to your face that would last a long time.

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It's NOT about me or what you think I want to find

it's about paying $1 million to either access or destroy Mitt Romney's tax return

It's about the "whatever crime they are committing"


That's why I said wait until Sept 28/29....that's when things are supposed to happen.

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Whoever these people are....

.....they can't "destroy" Romney's returns. The IRS has backup servers with redundancy. Any half-witted IT person would know that.

Steve, I know you didn't ask me the question but I'd like to answer it. My suspicion is that Romney took part in the 2009 amnesty program that allowed people who had hidden money in Swiss bank accounts to avoid prosecution for tax evasion. If he releases his returns, we find that out.

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Whoaaaa...back up a minute, Josh

When I speculate, you guys are all over me.......when YOU speculate, it's almost considered to be proof. I hope he NEVER releases those returns, just to piss you off.....Romney's tax returns are protected by the IRS as private and he's not required to release them. BO's paperwork is SEALED by MONEY spent to make sure they never get released, including his attorney records. Yep...he's transparent alright....more and more people are seeing right thru him.

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It's not proof, it's speculaton, just as yours is.

But if I were to go all psychological on you, I'd say that you fear that what Josh says is true, which is what generates the somewhat panicked tone of you post.

The issue here is You don't hide what won't cause you damage, there's no point, plus you get brownie points for being open and honest. Romney reluctantly released the year he was planning his bid for the Presidency, and during which I speculate he was very careful about what he did financially, but he couldn't go back in time and fix all the other returns.

Mr Romney has something to hide. Nothing could make that clearer than the simple fact that he is hiding it. If Barack Obama had done anything comparable, you'd be all over him like a cheap suit, plus screaming hypocrisy. Then again, you already do that, so maybe nobody would notice.


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"you don't hide what won't

cause you damage, there's no point".

So tell transparent BO to get his money back that he spent to seal HIS records, including his ATTORNEY files........I suspect HE has much to hide there or he wouldn't have invested so much to hide them.

You cannot have it both ways with your garbage.........Romney's are protected by LAW; BO's are protected by MONEY. WHO is hiding WHAT?

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(NT) Attorney/Client privilege
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You actually want Obama..... release his confidential attorney/client files? Never mind that doing so would get him disbarred....

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