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1/11/07 How do I revert back to IE 6 after installing IE 7?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / January 11, 2007 3:11 AM PST

I downloaded Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, but would like to revert back to Internet Explorer 6. If I remove it, how can I get IE6 back? Or is there other ways to go about it? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Submitted by: Norma P.



Well Norma,

Before you do anything you should backup any valuable data, particularly the important data since the installation. Make sure you have obtained or download a copy of Internet Explorer 6 backed up as well.

It may be a good idea to create a before a major install/uninstall 'Restore Point' too.

- Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore
- Make sure that 'Create a restore point' is selected, then press Next
- Type in a name, for instance ?Before IE7 Removal.? Then click Create
- Click Close to complete

This is useful to restore if anything goes wrong with the system (unless you format the whole partition of course).

To uninstall Internet Explorer 7 to return to Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP

1. Click "Start," and then click "Control Panel."
2. Click "Add or Remove Programs."
3. Check "Show Updates" at the top of the dialog box.
4. Scroll down the list and highlight the version of Internet Explorer 7 that you are running, and then click "Change/Remove." (If you are running Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview - March 20 or later - it is not necessary to check "Show Updates.")

And that should be about it. If "Remove" appeared instead of "Change/Remove" or Internet Explorer 6 did not appear, then reinstall Internet Explorer 6. Restart and test IE6. Restore any necessary files from the backup.

And that finally is that.

Remember, Norma, if there are any problems you can use your restoration you created within 'System Restore'.

Submitted by: Andre D.
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Honorable mentions
by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / January 11, 2007 3:11 AM PST

Hi Norma,

While IE7 may be more secure than IE6, there are a lot of people who prefer the familiar IE6 interface or may need the slacker ActiveX controls of IE6. I don't like the IE7 interface but I don't use it enough to warrant backing off - I use Firefox for all my browsing except Microsoft Updates.

That said, Backing off IE7 is usually straightforward, assuming you used the Microsoft install process and didn't do anything non standard.

First, take a manual restore point, in case you need to go back again and make sure your system drive backups are up to date.

Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs, scroll down to IE7, select it and click "remove". Confirm at the relevant prompts and IE7 will be removed and IE6 will automatically be re-installed. The only time I've seen this not work, is when someone has been cleaning up their hard disk and has removed all the update files from the Windows folder to save disk space or whatever.

Now go to Windows Update and install any patches to IE6 that you have missed while you had IE7 installed and you are good to go.

If the standard uninstall fails, you can try an Update in Place. Boot from your original Windows install CD, at the prompt screen, press enter to install a new windows system. Do not use the recovery console option at this point. The install will then check to see if there are any Windows systems installed and when it finds one, it will ask if you want to upgrade or repair it, or simply overwrite it. Select upgrade and it will re-install Windows XP into the same directory, including IE6.

The drawback to this method is that you now have to re-apply all the Microsoft patches to date, nearly a hundred on an SP2 system and way more on SP1. Don't forget to deselect IE7 from the update list or you'll be back where you started!

Good luck!

Submitted by: Sav. M. of the United Kingdom



This is a very simple process assuming you did a standard IE7 installation from Microsoft's web site - either through Windows/Microsoft Update or from the IE7 download page.

Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs

Near the bottom of the list you will see 'Windows Internet Explorer 7'. If you select this item, you will then see a 'Remove' button. Click on this button and follow the on-screen prompts.

You should note that Microsoft *really* wants you to use IE7. If your system is set to do automatic updates, it will automatically be reinstalled at the next update cycle. While there are certainly changes from IE6 that I personally do not like, I have stayed with IE7 for the enhanced security.

Sites that *require* the use of the Internet Explorer browser and operate fine under IE6 but have problems under IE7 exist. Frankly, I view this as inexcusable. These sites were notified many months ago of required coding changes.

For other sites that have problems under IE7, but do not specifically require Internet Explorer, I use either FireFox 2 or Opera 9. Opera also has the ability to pretend to sites that it is Internet Explorer. Doing so, I have found that Opera can open sites that require Internet Explorer and are problematic under IE7.

As new Vista computers will ship with IE7 and no opportunity to roll back to IE6, I suspect that over the next few months misbehaving sites will either be modified or go out of business.

Submitted by: Jim J.



Norma, Microsoft made it very easy to remove IE7 and go back to IE6 ... you will find IE7 is listed in ?Control Panel? under ?Add or Remove Programs?. If you select it (to remove it), you will revert to the previously installed web browser (presumably IE6 in almost all cases).

Two notes:

1. The listing for IE7 will not be visible unless you put a checkmark in the ?show updates? box at the top of the list of installed programs produced when you select ?Add or Remove Programs?.
2. The listing is given as ?Windows Internet Explorer 7?

Submitted by: Barry W of North Canton, Ohio



I would recommend you try System Restore first. When you try to roll back IE from Add/Remove Programs, as Microsoft actually instructs you to do, you will wind up with a sort of hybrid. The familiar IE6 pane is back, but it has IE7's icons and tabs. The tabs still work, which is a neat trick, but it crashes as incessantly as IE7, and some ActiveX controls stop working as well. Then if you try System Restore after doing a rollback, IE will stop working altogether.

Using System Restore should work, but I can't guarantee it. IE7, from my experience, is similar in nature to a virus infection. It cripples other programs, and you may or may not be able to recover from it. While System Restore is to me one of the greatest innovations MS ever invented, I'd say the fact that they proceeded to place this embryonic, bug-infested nightmare in their critical/automatic updates may very well be their most monumental mistake of all time.

In case System Restore fails, and IE stops working, I suggest you download Firefox Portable here:

or Opera Portable here:

Either of these will get you online if IE stops working. Using either of these browsers, you can access Microsoft's support resources here:

If the existing resources don't cover your problem, you can contact a support representative from these pages.

If System Restore fixes your problem, I suggest you go to Microsoft Update, select "custom" for your updating option, uncheck IE7, check the "hide" checkbox that appears below, and download the remaining critical updates. From this point on, you won't have to worry about IE7 sneaking into your automatic updates. Hope this helps!

Submitted by: Eric S.



Good question Norma?

Given Internet Explorer?s reputation, it?s natural to wonder about how to revert to an earlier version. First, I always (well, usually) set a restore point in XP just before installing a new program (Start>Help>System Restore.) That way, you can revert back to your prior configuration if you need to. Second, while IE7 is vastly improved over IE6, some web sites don?t work well with it.

So I?ve uninstalled IE7 several times, and IE6 magically takes its place! (Apparently, Microsoft doesn?t want us to be without some version of IE.) Then I can reinstall IE7 and uninstall it again as many times as necessary.

It?s tempting to want to have both IE6 and IE7 on your PC simultaneously, but that seems a bit tricky--Here?s a link if you want to try it:

Personally, I?ve moved all our PCs from IE6 to IE7 because of its better security, but I actually use Firefox ( most of the time and only use IE7 when Firefox don?t work.

Submitted by: Fred M.




As long as you had IE 6 installed at the time that you upgraded using Windows Update to IE 7, IE 6 will still be there waiting for you and all you have to do is use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall IE 7. There will be no mention in the remove dialog telling you that IE 6 will be restored, but you will find it there after you reboot when directed at the end of the uninstall. The IE 6 installation should also inherit any bookmarks or other compatible settings which you changed while using IE 7.

The only problem would be if you uninstalled IE 6 yourself before downloading and installing IE 7. In that case there will be nothing for the IE 7 uninstall to take you back to and you will have to re-install IE 6. I do not know if there is any way to save any bookmarks and settings which you have created in IE 7 and import them back to IE 6.

Microsoft did a good job of making both the update and the reversion simple and pleasant.

Submitted by: Dave U.



Boy did I want to get rid of thing - IE7. Every click adwatch was noting a registry incursion, even though I declined participation in their information gathering program. I understand that the problems with IE 7 go far beyond this.

I used System Restore to take the system configuration back to the point before you MS installed IE7. All data stays in tact, and you have your system back the way it was before...i.e. with IE6 back.

If you aren't aware of this tool and didn't create a Restore Point yourself, you still may have one that XP created for you that is acceptable, depending on the settings.


Then follow instructions for "Restore My System to an earlier point".

Having learned my lesson, I now Create a Restore Point prior to installing any new software, hardware drivers etc.

Not a "techie" - may be other ways to do it. Good luck to you

Submitted by: kiddo
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I Don't Like IE-7 Either.
by cousinkix1953 / January 11, 2007 7:35 PM PST
In reply to: Honorable mentions

I tried playing with the various versions of IE-7 and don't like any of them at all. Reverting back to IE-6 is easy enough now; but was a real hassle with the older betas last summer. Just be sure to block the IE-7 download on the Windows updates page or Microsoft will continue to get in your face with this lemon.

One thing that you will no longer be able to restore is the Yahoo IE-6 interface for e-mail and the other features. I haver never seen the complete installation package available for download to save on a CD rom. The web installer is now completely useless since they no longer host it on their site either...

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by cjw60 / January 17, 2007 11:19 PM PST

i hate IE7 i dont even have activex with it
been trying to remove it but its not showing up in my add/remove programs the only thing i have there is internet exployer developer toolbar it say i have used it to day when i chec last used date do i remove that one because i do not have IE7 any where not even in show updates only the toolbar one is there its trving me crazy trying to find it:)

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Beyond Look and Feel...
by krdorsey / January 11, 2007 10:29 PM PST
In reply to: Honorable mentions

...IE7 broke one of my working applications. Roxio EMC version 7's DVD Builder stops working (cannot add content) after upgrading to IE7.

This is supposedly due to:

"Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 is the first version fully compatible with Windows Vista (Longhorn). Because of this, some components of older versions of Roxio software (in this case Easy Media Creator 7.x) may not function properly."

Here's a link to the complete KB post on

This caused me to back out IE7 since the only solution offered by Roxio is to upgrade to version 9 of their suite.

One question: Exactly how do I permanently reject the IE7 'update' that Microsoft is now trying to push down to me?


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Even Microsoft's websites won't display with IE 7!
by encycloman / January 11, 2007 10:36 PM PST
In reply to: Honorable mentions

Went to MS's own IE website to try and optimize IE 7 to work better. I was surprised to see how hard it is to find the lame patch they offered to help IE 7 work with websites that hve what they called hard-coded IE 6 stuff. And, amazingly, several panels in MICROSOFT'S own site refuse to open at all!

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IE 7
by the1wanderer2005 / January 18, 2007 11:42 PM PST
In reply to: Honorable mentions

I had inadvertently erased my restore points while wiping my drive. When I went to add/remove programs the option to remove IE 7 was not there and I cannot find anywhere to download IE 6.

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Other additional advice from our members
by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / January 11, 2007 3:11 AM PST

Norma, I have done the same thing both at home and at my office. I was using Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2 and Microsoft was constantly posing IE 7 as a "critical fix". One day, I forgot that IE 7 was posing as a fix and accidentally installed it. In the end, I was running IE 7 on both of my computers but preferred Firefox. I found that, if you go to the "start" button, click on "settings" and "control panel", you will find an icon to "add or remove programs". Under "add/remove programs" you should find Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and be able to click on it and click the "remove" button. After that process is all over, you should be back on version 6.

As to whether or not this is a good idea is a better question. Some reports say that you should install IE 7 even if you don't use it. It brings into Windows a lot of security enhancements. But, like anything else, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" so you may personally prefer something else. I would try a few other browsers (such as Firefox) and see which one you prefer best. I will be staying with IE 6 and Firefox as long as I can.

Submitted by: Howard F. of Westminster, California



Hi Norma,

I too was not happy with IE7. Click start, click control panel, open add or remove programs, scroll to windows IE7 click on it, click on remove the removal will begin soon after you will see a box with a list of programs and updates installed after IE7 that might be affected by removing IE7, you will be asked if you want to continue (none of my programs were effected and the updates were reinstalled by windows updates) click yes, the process continues until IE7 is totally uninstalled when finished reboot your computer and IE6 will be back. When windows runs automatic updates you will want to custom install so IE 7 won't reinstall. When you run the custom update just uncheck IE 7 click ok or continue a box will pop up and you need to click on do not install or ask again. This worked well for me at work and at home. Good luck.

Submitted by: Karen O.



I ran into the same problem. After upgrading to Internet Explorer 7.0 I received a message indicating that my QuickBooks 2005 software was not compatible with this version of IE! I quickly went into the control panel and using the "add/remove software" option deleted the upgraded IE 7.0. After restarting my computer I went back into the control panel and actived the "add/remove software" option again, however this time I clicked on the "add/remove windows components" which is shown in the left had sidebar. I checked the box for Internet Explorer and using the "next" command completed the installation of the older version of IE. I no longer receive error messages when using QuickBooks.

Submitted by: Richard G.



The easiest answer is, if you are using Windows XP, revert back to the SYSTEM RESTORE point just before you installed IE7. This will put you back to the status at that time, including IE6.

If you are using an earlier version of Windows, you can download IE6 from Microsoft at:

However, be sure to do this before deleting IE7 from your system. Then uninstall IE7 from your Control Panel. Then install the downloaded IE6.

Happy New Year.

Submitted by: John M.



Hi Norma,

I did the exact same thing only last week.

I was so annoyed with IE7 crashing (the "we're sorry" stuff wears a bit thin the tenth time you see it on the same day) that I decided to simply uninstall it by selecting from Control Panel/Add Remove Programs, and selecting t from the list of installed programs on my machine.

It warned me about some other programs that had been installed since IE7 but I was so peeved by then I just told it to go ahead and it uninstalled without problem, and the other programs it warned me about survived and still run without problem.

To my surprise and delight I discovered that IE6 had magically re-appeared without the need to re-install anything.

I hope that helps.

Submitted by: Andrew L.



I can't imagine why that user would want to revert back to IE 6. I'm sure there is a good reason but I'll tell ya, I have IE 7 and love it. The only drawback I found was that I lost my email Icon on the toolbar and there is no way to retrieve it. I use earthlink so I have to use the earthlink shortcut on the desktop. No big deal but I'm sure for some that it is. As a Microsoft Tech I haven't found a way to put it on the toolbar either. With Vista due out shortly I would advise anyone who plans on upgrading to be sure to have IE 7 already installed.

The safest way I found to go back to IE 6 is doing a full restore. On most models like Compaq, hp and others you have the option under tools to do a full restore, but a custom built machine will be harder. You will need all the software to do it or had backed it up when it was purchased.

God Bless.

Submitted by: George M.



There is a way to roll back to IE 6 by going into "uninstall programs". Just go to uninstall and you should get the option to roll back.

I don't like the new IE 7 since it prevents me from playing my free lotteries cause it won't let me log my cookie. Unfortunately, 2 days after rolling back, I ended up formatting my computer due to freezing and crashing issues. I don't know if this was related to the roll back though because I was having computer problems with the crashing etc before the IE 7download was done, although it did get a lot worse right after rolling back.

Submitted by: Dorlaine S.



Hi Norma,

It's really easy to go aback to IE 6. Simply go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it. When you restart your browser, you'll have IE 6 again. Maybe you should consider Firefox, Norma. It is a much faster, more stable, and safer browser with lots of great extensions. I stopped using IE a couple years ago, tried IE 7, still can't find a good reason to use it. Just a thought Norma. Hope this helped you out.

Happy surfing.

Submitted by: Wendy



Personally, I don?t recommend downloading and installing IE7. There are noted problems associated with installing the newer version. Some people have had to reformat their hard drive and reinstall all their software because either Windows wouldn?t load, didn?t load properly, or would lockout and had to re-boot. If you want IE7 then I would probably upgrade to Microsoft Vista which includes IE7, however, please don?t do just an upgrade, it should be a fresh install.

Submitted by: Mike G.



Hi, I downloaded IE7 too but found out it would not allow me to access my online banking activities as IE6 did. I simply uninstalled IE7, restarted the computer, and IE6 was already there automatically. I did not have to reinstall IE6. I hope this works the same for you Happy

Submitted by: Veronica



I downloaded IE 7.0 and had several problems with it freezing up but I also had forgot to stop my virus protection while downloading so I went into add and remove programs and took it out then shut down my virus protection and re-downloaded and haven't had any problems. It only takes out the upgraded files and reverts back IE 6.0

Submitted by: D.D.



Why do you want to revert back to IE6? I accidentally deleted my version of IE6 and tried all over the web to get it back, to no avail. So when I saw that IE7 was there for the taking, I took it! And I am glad I did! It has a lot more in it than the old version. So, go for it and hope you get accustomed to it.

Submitted by: John A.



Too Bad. I just did that on a system whose HDD had crashed and had to be replaced. Everything on the system worked perfectly until I installed Internet Exploder 7.0.

I could no longer connect to Comcast's web based mail client. I finally figured out IE 7 was the culprit and uninstalled it. Bigger mistake. When I did that, IE6 would crash when I connected to the MS update site. As soon as it started to determine what my system needed, it would throw an error and close.

Several hours on the phone to Bangalore, and one reinstall of the OS later, I finally was able to connect and finish updating the system. No wonder my IT department doesn't allow installing IE 7! It works fine on the test servers in my lab, but never again.

The man I spoke with in India allowed as how mine was not the first call for this uninstall issue, since it apparently removes and unregisters a number of required files for the UPDATE routine to work.

Good luck, and be sure to have your credit card handy.

Submitted by: Steve L.



I have now downloaded Microsoft Explorer 7 three times. I didn't particularly like the toolbar as it seemed less efficient than Explorer 6. On the two occasions I deleted Explorer 7 - my Explorer 6 was sitting right there immediately - no problem at all.

I am now persevering with Explorer 7, but I am not happy with its performance.

Submitted by: Nomadd74 of Queensland, Australia



Dear Norma P.,

DON?T revert to IE6!!! Use IE7 if you must. However, I strongly urge you switch to Mozilla Firefox 2.0 for a browser that more closely complies with internet standards and is more secure.

You?re welcome.

Best regards.

Submitted by: Craig A.




When you un-install IE7, Windows restores back automatically the IE6 which your had previously and all and your Favourites/Bookmarks and other things are retained in IE6. Just a simple Un-install will help you, to do that, simply go to 'Add and Remove Programs'(Click Start > Control panel > Add and Remove Programs) and then you will find 'Windows Internet Explorer 7' listed somewhere near the bottom. Just select it and then un-install. Incase you installed certain windows updates whilst you were using IE7 The un-installer will notify you and warn that these might not work with IE6,It wont cause any problem though, simply proceed.

After the un-installation process is complete, you will have to restart the System and you can start using IE 6 again. All you personal settings (Home Page, Cookies..etc) will be retained so there is completely nothing to worry about.

And in case you plan on Re-Installing IE7 someday, you will be happy to know that once you re-install IE7 all your added Search Engines, Feeds and IE7 Exclusive things will be available from the beginning, so no bother of adding them all over again.

Hope this helps you.


Submitted by: Reetesh H. of Andhra Pradesh, India



Simply uninstall IE 7 from Control Panel. But my advice is don't do that. It has more features that IE 6 and better support with security patches. Instead go the Microsoft site and follow the advice to customize it to fit better your preferences.

Submitted by: Florin S. of Judetul Alba, Romania




Submitted by: Aled E.



Dear Norma,

Why won't you just keep on using IE7 instead of IE6...

You know... Life goes on, and soon will come IE8.

Don't go against the stream! Stay on the wave! Simplify your life!

By the way! If you uninstall IE7, it should revert to previous version.

Best regards!

Submitted by: freelion
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can I dump ie7 after downloading but before installing
by tcarton / January 11, 2007 5:45 PM PST

Hi, I have a related but slightly different problem than what I am seeing in the responses here.

I am running XP on an emachine t3256. I am currently using IE5.5 I downloaded IE7 from the traditional MS site, but did not install it. I still get a message saying there is a download (ie7) waiting to be installed when I start my machine.

I have decided to wait until IE7 becomes a little more user friendly.

Can I dump the downloaded "upgrade" without ever installing it? How?


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Dump IE7
by KPL / January 11, 2007 6:40 PM PST

I tried ie7 several times but it would never work after being installed. It would just lock my computer up so went to control panel and removed it. Would like to try it but not if it locks computer up everytime.... Kirby

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IE have crushed me into submission-
by terrancedv50 / January 11, 2007 7:26 PM PST
In reply to: Dump IE7

The MIGHT of IE has finally crushed me into complete submission.
I do absolutely nothing where IE is concerned.
If they initiate a download I obey...and watch it in progress.
But if they suggest a download-I do not obey.
I have automatic downloads installed.
That is my internet controller.
I let it do the work for me.
I always dutifully send error reports to MS.
Use as much MS software that is available and free.
In fact,I write this - very nervously.
I dare not offer a word of criticism anymore.
I am so cowed by IE and MS.
My maxim is that it does not matter if you have the latest gold-plated PC.
If it does not get on well with IE and MS sell it on ebay, just get rid of it.
It is MS which runs the show not high-powered, trendy PCs.
Obey them completely.

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Please Help re: IE 7
by AngelStar958 / January 11, 2007 8:12 PM PST

I disabled my automatic download after window's kept trying to download and install IE 7, but one morning after leaving my laptop on to do a virus scan I find that the windows update has reverted to automatic download and install and there is IE 7, I was furious and went to control panel/add remove and find there is NO CHANGE/REMOVE button, So I went to System restore and all my restore points before that morning's download have thinking that maybe the download was faulty and if I re-install it the remove button in the add remove program would turn up, so I go to microsoft and try to re-download IE 7 only to get a pop up box telling me that it had noted there was already a version of IE 7 on my system, If I wished to go ahead the download would continue BUT This download would also be un-removable.............I was so mad, so I do a search for all IE 7 components thinking I could do a manual removal, but search program can't find anything to do with IE 7 in the system. By this time I was spitting bricks so I go to Microsoft help page and e-mail the TECH department, explaining the above, 2 days later I receive an e-mail from a CUSTOMER SERVICE person who tells me to go to add remove and hit the remove button ......What part of NO REMOVE button did she not understand and what was a customer service rep doing answering a TECHNICAL questionso I wrote back saying I wished to have help from a Technical Advisor and was e-mailed back by the same Customer service rep telling me to do a restore.....grrrrrr scream...I wrote back asking what part of my original e-mail explaining there was NO remove button and nor was there any restore point now before this download??
She wrote back saying she had spoken with her supervisor and I would have to do a total System Recovery............I don't want to do that I have a lot of work on my laptop that cannot be saved and I do not want to lose.......PLEASE can someone here help me before I go mad??

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Dump Microsoft and Windows
by pradipd / January 11, 2007 9:20 PM PST
In reply to: Please Help re: IE 7

After almost 15 yrs with Windows, I have reached a point of total frustration with Microsoft. I recently took a bite of the Apple Mac, and have become a total convert. I am planning to dump Microsoft for good before Vista pollutes my machines, and migrate over to the Mac. I suggest you do the same. The only way Bill Gates will wake up is when enough users walk the talk and it starts to hurt his stock price. My latest frusrtation has been with IE 7. Lately, each time a new window or a sub-window opens up from a site, and I start to work with it, the entire browser collapses with all the open windows and tabs, and the ubiquitous message appears "Error detected, Send error Report to Microsoft"!

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Microsoft freedom
by rescuefire / January 11, 2007 10:03 PM PST

Yes I have to agree with the comment "Dump Microsoft". I have slowly started using non-microsoft products and am VERY happy with my computer's performance. Firefox is an excellent browser, Thunderbird is an excellent email program. has an excellent office suite that is compatible with microsoft office and is FREE! I could go on and on but you get the idea. There are great products out there to replace the problematic microsoft products. As a computer repair person I have switched NUMEROUS people over to Firefox recently due to the IE7 issue and the havoc it has caused every single person who has 'upgraded' to it.

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Sick of
by ynotme / January 12, 2007 6:28 AM PST
In reply to: Microsoft freedom

IE7 has created who-knows how much down-time and unproductively for so many. I just want to say that Firefox still works for me. After installing IE7 and then going back to IE6 a lot of older application I have will no longer work...I found that Firefox will still allow me to use these applications. Thanks for Firefox, I am migrating away from MS.

If you own any Microsoft now would be a good time to dump it!!!

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Problems after IE 7 uninstall
by raymondnichols / January 11, 2007 10:18 PM PST

My friend installed IE 7 against my advise and now I am trying to fix it. IE 7 removed and IE 6 returned. Then IE 6 started opening numerous IE windows when trying to go to a URL other than the home page. I mean maybe 20 or more windows and hangs. After a full virus and spyware scan I decided to do a repair install of Windows XP. That corrected the problem until I downloaded the security updates. IE 7 was not one of them! After doing half of the updates the computer started acting the same way again. I also noticed that the computer when restarted would search for an IP address even though it is assigned a static IP address. If I give it another static IP address it will then work. It will malfunction when ever the computer is restarted.

All I could do to correct this problem and the IE problem was to do another repair install and not download any security updates.

This all stems from the IE 7 install and I am looking for a fix to this problem. Even which update that conflicts would be a great help. Otherwise, I will need to download and install 63 of them one at a time to determine which one is causing the behavior.

I am sure that IE 7 left some files that conflict with one or more of the updates. The Compaq laptop was operating fine before and still does without the security updates.


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Or it's more spyware.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / January 11, 2007 10:24 PM PST

Try a scan with Free AVG AntiSpyware and eject what it finds.

Also, why use IE?


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Problems after IE 7 uninstall
by raymondnichols / January 11, 2007 11:03 PM PST
In reply to: Or it's more spyware.


I stated that I did a complete virus and spyware check. It is an IE 7 corruption problem causing a conflict with one of the security updates.

As for why use IE. I have been using IE since Netscape started coming out with a new version every few months and charging for them. That was in the mid 90's and I do not have a problem using IE and have been for 10 years. I maintain networks and have a small amout of knowledge compared to some.

Thanks for the response and please keep an ear open for a fix.


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A different problem with IE7
by greg_nakagawa / January 11, 2007 11:30 PM PST

I usually never install a Microsoft update when it is first available, having encountered many problems being part of their 'beta development crew'. But I decided to go IE7 because a customer was having some issues with our application in IE7. Big mistake. Very unstable, but the worst problem was that I lost all my favorites. They would show up in a list, but clicking on them did nothing. Going to the MS IE7 support site shows that I am not alone in this problem, as it is one of their top FAQs. The recommended resolution was to install a 'User Agent String Utility' that emulates IE6, which I did, to no avail. So I spent an hour with MS tech support, who first denied there was such a problem, then when I told them they had an FAQ that addressed the issue and recommended the applet install, the tech said they don't support 3rd party applets - but it was a direct download from the Microsoft site! Finally I went to Tier 2, who took me through countless registry changes, but nothing fixed the problem. Oh yeah, the other recommendation was to rebuild all my favorites - but there was no url listing under properties on each link! So you couldn't rebuild either! So finally I asked them how to get back to IE6, and the recommendation above to simply remove IE7 using Add/Remove programs does the trick. However I lost my browser customizations (e.g. Google Toolbar, auto-fill, etc). But at least I got my favorites back. Never again will I take an MS update until some other poor souls solve all these problems!

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Problems after IE 7 uninstall
by TexasGuy2332 / January 12, 2007 12:18 AM PST

Norma, you could uninstall IE 7 very easily if you had Norton GoBack. Norton GoBack could restore your whole PC to a state before you installed IE7. Just couple clicks and it is done.

I thank you so much for Norton GoBack since it has saved my time and energy from formatting & re-installing Windows XP and all programs from scratch.

I have had probably 10 incident where the program installations went bad and crashed the system and Norton GoBack saved me tremendously.

I have been using Norton GoBack for years. It is a must have for every PC. I never regret buying this program.

I am not Symantec employee nor affiliated with Symantec. However, I have recommended this program to all my friends.

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norton go back
by lyndaschat / January 12, 2007 12:38 AM PST

Now see.. I was recommended not to use Norton Goback.. to leave it as Windows to be in charge of going back to the prior state. It's possible with the Norton system works 7 that this was also part of my problem during the reinstall, because I couldn't change anything.

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Norton GoBack
by TexasGuy2332 / January 12, 2007 12:50 AM PST
In reply to: norton go back

Typically, if I notice something goes wrong after installing a program, I immediately use Norton GoBack to restore to previous state.
I don't wait for any longer.

Norton Goback works much better than Windows XP's system restore in my opinion, since it restores all configurations in Windows to previous state. In my opinion, System Restore only does in part of what Norton GoBack does. I could be wrong since I am not pure techie.

I have used Norton GoBack and System Restore in the past. Norton GoBack is a winner.

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The obvious answer !
by khaostech / January 12, 2007 2:58 AM PST

Is Firefox...the question is why are you still using I.E. be it 6 or 7.
The way to go is Firefox as default, and I.E in the background in case you run into one of the few sites that still need it....

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Internet explorer 7 and norton system works 7
by lyndaschat / January 11, 2007 11:16 PM PST
In reply to: Or it's more spyware.

Huge problem here that I ran into. I had allowed windows to download and install IE 7, at the same time I had ordered norton system works 7 upgrade. I didn't like the looks of IE and tried to uninstall it as normal, it didn't work. But I wanted to let Norton System works 7 proceed with it's complete scan and that wouldn't work. I couldn't use the windows going back to restore point, that wouldn't work. I don't know who's fault it was, but I sat on the phone with norton throughout the day going back and fourth to different supposed tech supports that only kept doing the same thing that I was doing. Finally at about 4 am, I gave up and I decide to wipe the slate clean, I saved all my stuff to an iomega external hard drive and proceeded to reformat this hard drive to get rid of the whole caboodle! Reinstalled windows, started to reinstall my programs, was sure to go back to windows and hide the new windows IE, reinstalled norton system works ver 6, called norton and tole them "look, I'm sick of this, take the money that I used to buy the new program and put it towards just the virus definitions so that I can continue on." That was it, I'm back in business, but out money because Norton charged me for help with their new program! So I don't know if the two didn't get along (IE7 and Norton 7) or what, but I'm so mad at the two of them. I wish that windows would add a picture of their upgrades before we download them, I really hated those large tabs and buttons, just didn't like it. There's no reason why they can't make it secure without changing the look!

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IE and norton
by lyndaschat / January 11, 2007 11:20 PM PST

I also forgot to add, that after reinstalling, I went to plug in my external hard drive and everything that I had saved on there was GONE! I couldn't get into it to start with, then I bought a new case which at least got me in, then I tried some software to try and get to my files, but no go.. What used to be a 120GB external hd is now only showing 115 GB and not even RAW is showing up! I'll stick to CDs now. I couldn't believe it .. and it all began with IE7 and norton system works 7. I don't know who the culprit was, but I wasn't happy with either or.

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re:Eternal Hard drive
by AngelStar958 / January 11, 2007 11:36 PM PST
In reply to: IE and norton

I am lucky I didn't get my new hard drive until after the IE7 download, I hate the IE7 and so do most of my programs, My PSP programs that worked fine with IE6 keep crashing, I too keep getting a connection error box with a fix only it tells me my Internet connection is fine also whenever I start the laptop in the morning my connection keeps going on and off every few seconds, I have to re-boot at least 2-3 times before I can do a repair and get it to stay on, I never had this problem before IE7.
I am going over to Linux, I am sick of my Laptop being hi-jacked by Microsoft.
IE6 was fine and if there were security issues why didn't they just do the usual security patches and leave everything else alone??

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automatic updates - gone
by drahuschak / January 11, 2007 11:56 PM PST
In reply to: Please Help re: IE 7

IE 7 was one reason for stopping all MSFT updates, but other MSFT updates started wrecking havoc with my PC's operation. I have disabled all MSFT updates. This might mean being slightly more subject to viruses and other unwanted items, but the mess MSFT's updates began to make of my machines was not worth the added protection. I keep a keen eye on viruses and scan frequently for virus issues and other things.
The problem with MSFT updates on some machines has been severe, particuarly on one using Media Center where a MSFT update actually disabled Media Player which is a critical part of a Media Center PC.
If it's made by MSFT, it probably will generate problems that often can be either very frustrating and time consuming to fix or they will not be fixable at all.

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revert to notify for updates?
by SusSche / January 12, 2007 1:50 AM PST

I had Windows update set to "Notify" because I didn't want MS to just be able to download anything without my consent. I downloaded IE7 because I was tired of seeing the nag screen that popped up every time I started my computer telling me that there was an "urgent" upgrade. I don't think that downloading a beta version is urgent. I would rather wait for more of the bugs to be worked out.

I resent the fact the MS is so invasive. After I downloaded IE7, my scanner program wouldn't launch. My scanner is only a couple of years old, and what should a browser have to do with my scanner anyway? I searched on the HP site and they had a work around so that I can get access to the program until they develop a fix for the problem caused by the incompatibility with IE7.

When I downloaded IE7, it also got rid of the menus up at the top (file, edit, etc., ) and I had to search to get it changed back. Sorry, I forget how now how I did it.

I just noticed that the updates are no longer set to notify, but are now automatic. I would NOT have done this myself, so don't know if MS somehow made the switch, or one of my other security programs did this "for" me without asking? I run Zone Alarm as a firewall, and also have Ad-Aware, SpywareBlaster and SpyBot - Search and Destroy loaded. I recently renewed my anti-virus subscription from Norton. Don't know if any of those could have changed it without me noticing?

I went to the main "Help and Support" for "Windows Update", but when I check under "Change Settings" there is no option to revert back to notify instead of automatic. Anyone know how to change it back?



And BTW, I now make sure that I make a System Restore Point manually before I make any changes, because there have been times that I have tried to do a System Restore and it hasn't worked. Unfortunately, you don't always find out right away if you need to roll back, and depending upon what other things you have done in the interem, System restore doesn't always work.

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I don't agree with the first part of your post...
by skiphish / January 11, 2007 11:44 PM PST

I really wouldn't recommend a system restore to uninstall a program because it doesn't always get rid of everything like it's supposed to.

As long as you just upgraded to it using the windows update, just uninstall ie7 from add/remove programs in the control panel, as it says in the second portion of the original directions. If you follow those instructions you should be using IE6 again after a reboot. Uninstalling from the control panel is also the only suggestion that Microsoft gives at their IE7 support site( I have also done this on several customers' machines and not seen a single issue with uninstalling from Add/Remove Programs. However, if you do a system restore you run the risk that something doesn't roll back properly, and even if you reverse the system restore it often does not undo the damage (Many typical users have no problem with System restore, usually you only see people with viruses/spyware on their PC's having problems with system restore, but why run the risk unless you have to?).

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removal of ie7

it should revert to ie6 after an unistall

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IE7 downgrade
by neilq101. / January 12, 2007 12:48 AM PST
In reply to: removal of ie7

I have been using IE7, Firefox 2 AND Opera 9 for several months now, and I would rank them 1st-Opera, 2nd-IE7 and Firefox in third. IE has a much better RSS reader, I personally find the interface easy to use, especially the drop-down favourites menu, unified Back/Forwards menu, and Quick Tabs function, for me it seems more responsive and stable than Firefox, and the whole thing just looks much cooler than Firefox imho; needless to say I have had no problems. Opera, meanwhile, is far more flexible, powerful, stable and fast than the other two, and can do most of the things that Firefox needs extensions for; it can be a little confusing to non-technical people due to it's configurability. So I personally advise only going back to IE6 if you have to, as it is a lot less secure, and giving Opera a try as it is clearly better and should work with most things

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