0x0000003b (SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION) on Windows 7

Hi there!

Since two weeks ago, I'm randomly getting this error. Sometimes right after I reach the desktop after booting windows, other times after hours of use.

When I get the error, the blue screen of death appears and I have to reset the PC. When I reboot, sometimes I get the following log:

BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP2: FFFFF88008173601
BCP3: FFFFF8800A63E240
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Here you can find the most recent minidump in text format:

And here is the minidump itself, .dmp:

My specs:
Core i3 504 3.07GB
8 GB RAM Kingston DDR3
Geforce GTX 760
HD1: Samsung HD203SJ
HD2: Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH164
PSU: Corsair CX650 80+ bronze
Windows 7 ultimate 64 SP1

This is an old-*** PC. Aside from the GPU and PSU, everything is 7 years old.

Here's what I did to try and fix it:
updated all drivers
checked RAM (memtest86, 8 passes, no error)
ran chkdsk (I think it fixed something)
ran a crapload of programs like anti-malware, ccleaner, etc

My questions:

1) Is the problem software or hardware related?

2) How can I fix this?

Thank you very much for your time!

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Reporting: 0x0000003b (SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION) on Windows 7
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There are forums that read dumps.

Here we take another approach. Usually a Web Speccy and in some cases Userbenchmark.
So let's see what PSU this machine has (make and model) and a Web Speccy report to start.
Read how at

The code and dumps usually just tell us "Windows crashed" without a good lead to why. You can google 0x3b Windows 7 and find hundreds of causes which I only find mildly helpful. Some show up with mixed RAM, or something else. Let's get started.

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Thank you for you reply!
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Let's get into that Speccy.

1. This PC is pretty old with a BIOS last issued on 06/26/2012 so it's beyond the expected lifespan.
Even so there are parts failing that you have to deal with since those can give the machine fits and BSODs.

2. The Seagate and it's values 01 and 07 along with others show a failing drive. Some asked if these can be fixed. So far no. You replace them with good drives. For now, steer clear of Seagates.

3. Malware. "Research from Anomali Labs shows more attempts to disguise the malware as legitimate software. For instance, adversary gave the internal file name "Baidu PC Faster,"" from
This can't be good. Scan with the usual titles noted by Grif at

4. seems to note DOUKIZP to be removed.

---> This machine appears to have more than one infection. I'd clear up what you can, yank out the bad HDD and then start again. If the scanners by Grif don't clean it up, post at bleepingcomputer (use their rules on that) about the malware found so far.

5. Utorrent. Fine source of the latest malware.

I'm stopping here as it's clear this PC has deep issues. Time to get it cleaned up.

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Your seagate hdd is junk.....too many errors.....rpld the hdd.
Your ram is in the wrong slots......move the ram to enable dual channel.
Your seagate hdd is quite full so either get a bigger hdd or start doing some archiving/tossing

That will get you started on the hardware end.
As for any crudware you have install you can discuss that with RP.

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I used all the tools in the firsy reply. Seems to have cleaned something. Those baidu and whatnot seemed to have been just scheduled tasks; there was nothing else regarding that.

I then tried to used the PC. Soon got BSD. I then took the seagate HD out and tried again. This time, when I booted the PC, I couldn't move the mouse or use the keyboard.

Next, I booted in safe mode. All worked.

I went for a normal start, then. Took an eternity and a half for the desktop to appear. Much slower than before. Now I only see the taskbar. Desktop is black. Mouse works, but can't click anything. No keyboard commands work.

What can I do, aside from throwing everything in the trash bin?

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UPDATE: I ended up doing a system restore. Upon booting into windows, I still got a black screen of death.

This time, however, I was able to open task manager. I then killed explorer.exe and ran it again. Desktop then appeared.

I did a reboot and didn't get the black screen. I did, however, lose all the cleanup I did before. I'll redo it and then post a new screen.

Thank you for the RAM positioning thing, I simply didn't know about it. Will do it later.

Thank you for all your help. The battle continues. Stay tuned.

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With the damaged OS.

All bets are off. This is typical of machines that have Utorrent. Often the fix is to reload the OS. This PC has second issues of bad HDD and RAM in wrong slots.

Not just software issues on this PC. Might not be fixable with just scans. Try since they use other scan tools than us. But my verdict is damaged OS, bad HDD, RAM issues and maybe never ending trouble if the owner is going to torrent.

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I've correctly positioned the RAM and took the bad HD out. I then formatted the drive and installed Windows 8.1 Pro 64. I now have a lot to learn with the new interface, but I believe the initial problem is gone. Would you like to see a new Speccy screen?

I'm also going to buy a new HD. There are limited options with my budged, here where I live. Most are seagate and I'm not going that direction again. I'm thinking about getting a Toshiba 3TB DT01ACA300. Is this a good HD?

Thank you very much for your continued help and support!

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Should be fine.

For reasons we can't know the Seagates are showing issues a lot. I haven't come to the point of dismissing Seagate as a drive maker yet but I won't buy that make today. Anytime you have a client's PC with performance issues you know to check the SMART values of the drives and 01, 07 if out of this world you find the drive is either failing or dogging the machine's performance. Some ask how to fix and that answer is to get it out of the PC.

As to Win8.x, try Classic Start at

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Issue persists

I just turned the PC on and, as soon as I got to the desktop and clicked something, I got an error, like a BSD and the machine restarted. Couldn't see what the error's code was.

Does this mean that I must replace the CPU?

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The thing is

This machine had malware, torrents and other troubles. What you find with clients that torrent is they find it hard to stay out of torrents and better than half end up at the shop counter with same or similar issues. They either torrent again, install some malware again but usually the hardware is fine (99% of the time.)

If you get one BSOD and it works for days, that is not a reason to start over on OS or CPU.

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I understand

I'll keep monitoring. Thank you so much for your help.

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Completely unrelated

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