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Biografía corta: I'm 21 and a Fourth-Year University Student becoming an Elementary Teacher in Alberta Canada. I enjoy rebuilding computers and I enjoy using most forms of both modern and retro technology. I am also a huge music fanatic and I am very much into sound and audio technologies. My favourite sounds are from true vinyl and vintage speakers.

Intereses de productos tecnológicos: Dispositivos inteligentes, Teléfonos celulares, Televisiones, Tabletas, Computadoras portátiles, Tecnología automotriz, Entretenimiento en casa, Programas y apps, Cómo se hace

Sistema operativo: Windows, Android

Dispositivo: I run multiple desktops ranging from Dual-Core AMD & Intel Units up to Hex-Core AMD Units. Each computer has it's own use, whether it is for music only, video only or otherwise. I currently have 8 desktops and 2 laptops that are in daily use as well as a collection of 12-16 units that I am in the process of rebuilding and selling. It's my favourite thing to do in my spare time.