Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini de AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini broke onto the scene a year ago, a smaller, more midrange response to the then-flagship Galaxy S3. Even though it may seem like AT&T's missed a beat -- after all, the S4 Mini is the midrange phone selling now -- the carrier's strategic pricing makes this $1 on-contract Android a fantastic entry-level deal.
Foto de: Josh Miller/CNET
The S3 Mini has the same basic shape, contouring, and color scheme as the original, which also came in white and this brushed blue.
Foto de: Josh Miller/CNET
Compact, with a petite 4-inch screen, the S3 Mini has a glossy exterior that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to pocket, even if it isn't the slimmest thing around.
Foto de: Josh Miller/CNET
Think of it as an entry-level device and you'll be happy with specs like the 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 4G LTE.
Foto de: Josh Miller/CNET
The 5-megapixel camera packed into the S Mini takes some good pictures, just don't expect the same level of detail you'd get from a flagship Samsung phone.
Foto de: Josh Miller/CNET
Android 4.2.2 helps keep the OS modern, and Samsung enhances the experience with a handful of extra apps and capabilities, including an easy mode for first-timers to get their Android feet.
Foto de: Josh Miller/CNET
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