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Wellbots Black Friday Sale Has Slashed Prices on Portable Power Stations

There are massive discounts on Jackery, Ecoflow, Zendure and more.

Portable power stations have become popular over the last few years as a great way to power your devices while you are away from home or when your home suffers power loss. My wife and I use our Jackery power station and a solar panel to "work from home" at a local lake when the weather is good. We've also used it to power our fridge and modem when the weather wasn't so good and the power was out.

Wellbots has a huge Black Friday sale going on right now that includes some excellent discounts on portable power stations. Whether you are looking for a large battery and solar panels or a small battery bank to take to parties, Wellbots has something for you this Black Friday.


Ecoflow has been making some of the best portable power stations for a while now and the Delta 2 is no exception. The LiFePO4 battery allows for a huge lifespan and the 1024Wh capacity is enough to keep all of your family's devices charged on a camping trip. 

This bundle also comes with a 160-watt solar panel to help keep the power station charged all day so you'll have power when you need it most. 


The Jackery 550 is a smaller power station that is designed with travel and mobile devices in mind. It is perfect for day trips to the beach or working outside with your laptop. It has three USB outlets for your phone and tablet and a full AC outlet for your laptop. It'll even connect to a solar panel if you want off-the-grid power.


The Oukitel is almost the exact opposite of the small Jackery. This monster is designed to keep you powered up for days on a long camping trip, or to keep your appliances and internet on at home. It can even act as an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). That means in the event of a power outage any sensitive equipment such as medical devices can stay running without fear of interruption.


This versatile little power station is perfect for short trips out and about with the family. It is light enough to put in the bottom of a stroller and keep your kid's tablet and your phone charged all day as you wander the stores, parks or anywhere else you want to go


The Zendure SuperBase is a truly modern power station with an array of USB-C connectors, two of which have a 100w output. Those can charge a MacBook Pro without any effort. Truly impressive. It's also huge, so it comes with a handle and wheels to make moving it around much easier. The six AC outputs make this the perfect companion for a week away camping, especially if you pair it with solar panels.


While the Jackery has fewer AC outputs than some of the other big power stations, it is able to power 99% of all your home appliances rather than 80-90% like most others. Some home appliances require a high peak load that some power stations struggle with. The Jackery can take all of that in its stride and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours on solar power, something of a feat for a power station of this capacity.

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