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Wash your worries away with this skin care deal from Winky Lux

Get a complimentary canvas pouch with a $40 purchase during this limited-time deal.

Winky Lux

Winky Lux has returned with a fresh offer just in time for you to test out its new skin care products! When you spend $40 during this one-day promotion, you'll get a complimentary pink canvas pouch to store your skin care.

I can't recommend this brand enough because I found it to be one of the best in terms of effectiveness, aroma and packaging. If you've never used Winky Lux, I'd suggest you try the Petal Cleanser for $22 and the Orange You Bright Exfoliator for $28. Both of these work well to lift dull skin and melt away makeup, revealing brighter and more refreshed skin. 

As for the new products, while I haven't tried them yet, I know based on my experience with Winky Lux so far that I'll have some great things to say about it soon enough. Here's a list of Winky Lux's new products and if you want more options, head over to Winky Lux before this sale ends:

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