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Try sous vide with a chef-quality sous vide stick is on big Prime Day discount

The low and slow method chefs love.

Amazon Prime Day is upon us if you hadn't heard. If you're on the hunt for great Prime Day kitchen deals yourself, we've got kitchen and cookware covered. The sous vide method hit the culinary mainstream a few years ago but if you haven't had a chance to try out the low and slow cooking method, where meat (or vegetables) are placed in a plastic pouch or jar and cooked in a water bath, Prime Day 2019 may be a perfect time. This high-end Joule Sous Vide from ChefSteps which currently slashed more than 30% from its normal price of $199 to a mere $125 during Amazon's Prime Day sale.

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Chefs have been singing praise for the sous vide for decades and now you can play Michelin-chef in your own kitchen. We love beef and pork tenderloin for effortless (and clean) sous vide cooking but there are countless recipes out there to choose from.

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One of the smallest sleekest and well-loved sous vide tools on the market. At just 11 inches it's about half the size of a regular sous vide stick but has 1100 watts of power and has proven itself worthy of the top class. It's also wifi compatible to keep an eye on your cooking progress from afar and currently on major discount for Prime Day.

This article was originally written by David Watsky for Chowhound.