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Walmart, Target and Best Buy are closed on Thanksgiving Day. Here's where you can get Black Friday deals online instead

Think of it as an extra Cyber Monday.

Katie Teague Writer II
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Katie Teague
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While Black Friday used to mean "big sales the day after Thanksgiving," nowadays, it's come to mean "any good deal in November." That rings true this year more than ever, with Black Friday sales already happening at Best Buy Target  and (of course) Amazon. Plus,  Walmart's big sale has already kicked off.

What about those who would rather shop in a brick-and-mortar store? To state the obvious, this is the worst year ever to do that, with COVID-19 cases spreading like wildfire: Keeping yourself out of the stores is especially important as cases continue to surge throughout the US with an average of over 173,000 cases per day within the last week. And while many stores will still be open on Black Friday proper this year -- Friday, Nov. 27 -- some of the biggest stores like Walmart and Target will remain closed on Thanksgiving night. 

Here are the deals you can shop online anytime, including on Thanksgiving Day.

Sales started Friday, Nov. 20, continue through Monday and beyond.

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Walmart's big online sale started Wednesday, Nov. 25. The retailer pledged to have inventory of the new Switch bundle at that time, along with the PS5 and new Xbox Series X.

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Sale started Sunday, Nov. 22, new deals hit throughout the holiday weekend.

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Sale started Sunday, Nov. 22, new deals hit throughout the holiday weekend.

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Sales started in early November, with new deals kicking off all month long.

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Sales happening now with Black Friday doorbusters having kicked off on Wednesday.

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Sales happening now, with new deals throughout the holiday weekend.

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Deals all month long with Newegg's "Black November" sale.

See more Newegg Black Friday deals.

Sales happening now, with discounts on some of its best-selling products.

See more Lululemon Black Friday deals.

Best Black Friday deals overall

Our top picks at any and all stores:

The best Black Friday deals.

What time will the stores open on Black Friday?

Again, we strongly encourage you to do all your shopping online this year. But a good exception to that is curbside pickup, which most of these stores offer. To that end, here are the national hours on Black Friday. Note that individual store hours may vary by state and region.

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