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Upgrade your holiday decor storage with 30% off these must-have accessories

Stop using the beat-up boxes and upgrade your storage accessories today!


You may have recently put up your holiday decorations or may not have even brought them out of the attic yet, so odds are you aren't thinking about how you'll store them once the season's over. Well, now's the best time to be thinking about that, because some really great holiday decor storage accessories are on sale today. You can save up to 30% on storage for your Christmas tree, tree accessories and holiday wrapping paper.

The Christmas tree bag comes in two different sizes, one which is meant to hold trees up to 7.5 feet and the other which can hold up to 9-foot trees. They come in three color options, have wheels and straps to make it easier to move around once it's loaded up with your free. It's time to ditch that cardboard box and upgrade to something that will make things easier for you for under $18. The wrapping paper organizer gives all your half-used rolls a better home. It can hold labels, ribbon, scissors and more as well. It comes in four color options and is down to just $16 today.

Finally, the ornament storage box which comes with cardboard dividers to help keep all your favorite ornaments safe when they aren't in use. The box has two handles and a zippered lid for easy transport, and it has a place to stick a tag to identify what's inside of it. There are three colors on sale today for just under $12.

These prices are good for today only, so be sure to stock up on all your holiday storage needs now so you aren't stuck paying more later.

Your dream home doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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