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Two unusually versatile power banks, starting at just $20 (Update: Expired)

Both provide a whopping 30,000 mAh of mobile charging goodness. Plus, stylish Mother's Day tees for Mom and Grandma, $13 apiece.

Now that we're slowly starting to venture out into the world again, there's a greater need for portable power. Phones, tablets, headphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers and the like all need extra juice when we're traveling.

Good news: Power banks are getting super versatile, with more battery life under the hood and more ways of charging your devices (and themselves). They're also amazingly affordable, as evidenced by these two bricks.

Some quick education for the power-bank novice:

  • Battery capacity is measured in milliamp hours. The higher the number, the more charging power is available. In the past couple years, 20,000 mAh represented the high end; now I'm seeing models hit 30,000 mAh (including these two).
  • PD is short for Power Delivery. A power bank that supports PD should be able to charge things like a Nintendo Switch and even some laptops, though that charging might be slower than if you plugged into an AC outlet.
  • Speaking of outlets, neither power bank comes with an AC adapter. You'll need one, so consider something like this Aukey dual-port, currently on sale for $11.

OK, on to the deals!


Amazon seller: Kedron Direct

Price: $20 with 20%-off on-page coupon and promo code M7VTWFZS

If you want to charge a lot of devices at once, this is your power bank. In addition to a Qi wireless charging pad, it offers two QuickCharge 3.0 USBs, one standard USB and one PD USB-C.

This last doubles as a charging input, but here's where it gets interesting: You can also charge the Jiga via Micro-USB or an Apple Lightning cable. The latter is something of a rarity, but a welcome option for the Apple crowd.


Amazon seller: Oiyme

Price: $36.53 with on-page 15%-off coupon

Update: This deal had expired earlier in the week when the vendor took down the coupon, but the coupon is back, baby! I don't know how long this deal will have a second life, but it's working again as of Sunday, April 25. 

This is a top candidate for my New Favorite Power Bank. It not only serves up a Qi wireless charging pad on one side and a solar recharge panel on the other, but also has three built-in charging cables: Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C. There's even a dual-LED flashlight thrown in for good measure.

The only thing missing here is PD support -- a deal-breaker for some, not a big deal at all for others. (Me, I don't own a single device that benefits from PD charging.)

I'm hoping to try this one soon. On paper, it seems like the last and only power bank I'd ever need.

Get a Mother's Day t-shirt for just $13


Daily Steals has great tees for Mom and Grandma.

Daily Steals

Here's a fun idea for Mother's Day: Give Mom (or Grandma) a cool new shirt to wear throughout the day. Daily Steals has a generous selection of them -- some funny, some heartfelt. You can save $5 on any of them with promo code CNETMTHR. Most of the designs sell for $18, which gets you out the door for $13.

Shipping is free, but order soon to get these in time for Sunday, May 9.

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