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This Summer Sale Scores You Up to 70% Off Arts and Crafts Essentials

Need yarn, fabric or any additional materials for your next project? Here's your chance to get it at a major discount.

A pair of scissors, yarn and a sewing basket on a blue background

Contrary to popular belief, arts and crafts materials are expensive. Once you really get into an advanced level in a craft such as knitting, painting or even sewing, things add up. But this summer sale from Joann can save you up to 70% off which means you're getting a heavily discounted price on items that you need and love through June 26

Everything you can think of is on sale during this deal. Fabrics have the biggest availability with options such as cotton canvas starting $9 a yard instead of $13. If you're looking for spring Galleria special occasion fabrics, you can get it for 40% off, while silkies, denim and sports wear apparel fabrics are 25% off. 

Quilters and designers will also find nice offers too. Need quilting notions? It's 40% off. Buttons and zippers are also 40% off. Plus, the entire stock of Fiskars sewing and quilting cutting tools are 50% off. 

There are a ton of discounts available. If you're looking for something for yourself or for kids' projects, you'll find it during this sale. 

Sewing essentials

Yarn and needle arts