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This Game Was One of Black Friday and Cyber Monday's Bestsellers and It's Still Just $6

Fun for the whole family at a 50% discount.

Connect 4

Who doesn't love Connect 4? Not many people, it turns out, with the game being one of the top sellers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year, according to Amazon. And, the best news is you can still snag the Hasbro classic for just $6 -- 50% off its regular price. 

Connect 4 is a great party game to grab ahead of holiday gatherings or to give as a gift. You likely already know how it works, but the four-in-a-row game is super easy for players of all ages to pick up and offers endless replayability as you try to master various different strategies. If you've got a competitive streak or just need an extra way to pass some time with the kiddos over the holidays, it's worth nabbing at this price. 

It's usually $12 and its current price is the lowest we've seen it go since the spring, when it was just a few cents lower. It's on sale alongside a bunch of other classic family games including the likes of Jenga, Trouble and Monopoly. We don't know how long the Black Friday-level pricing will stick around for, so be sure to pick a few up at these discounted rates while you can.