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This Early Prime Day Deals Saves You $15 on a $50 Home Essentials Purchase at Amazon

Amazon is offering this coupon for orders of $50 or over on select items.

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET's guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

Who doesn't love bulk shopping when it comes to household items that are sure to be used over time? While places like Costco and Sam's Club have capitalized on bulk shopping for the home, Amazon has also stepped up in the department. Combine fast and free shipping with every product you could need for your household, and it's already a recipe for success. Throw in a $15 coupon to get things started with this deal.

You can grab a three-pack of hand soaps, a five-pack of Glade PlugIns, Clorox disinfectant wipes and Hefty ultrastrong tall kitchen trash bags. This sale also includes mops, toilet brushes, paper towels, pipe cleaners, dish scrubbers, plastic wrap and aluminum foil, cleaning sprays, laundry detergents and more. You can "subscribe and save" a lot of these products and have them delivered to your house any time between every two weeks to every six months. Check out some of the sale products that are always stocked in my home.


Glade PlugIns are a great way to keep every room in your house, apartment or condo smelling fresh and clean. These refills will last up to 250 days. All you need is the Glade warmer, which you can also find on Amazon. The warmers plug into any socket and dispel the essential oils in these PlugIns.


Meal prepping is only easy when you have enough storage bags and containers for your chopped up or cooked veggies and meats. These gallon-sized Ziploc bags are great for both the freezer and the fridge, and can hold all of your pre- and post-meal prep needs. 


While I tend to opt for large, gallon-sized dishwashing liquid, sometimes I come across packs this like for sale and grab them. This soap has a 100% biodegradable plant-based formula that comes with no artificial fragrances, just lavender and mint essential oils. 


A fresh lemon scent and shiny surfaces are enough to make anyone breathe in deeply and feel relaxed. This set of six, 24-count wipes are perfect for on-the-go and everyday cleaning of wooden surfaces. Say goodbye to dust, say hello to fresh.


Twelve Lysol sprays can seem like a lot -- especially since these cans are pretty bulky and last a while -- but it could supply a household for an entire year. This bulk package can be great for for businesses, offices, or larger institutions. These sprays are strong and effective at cutting odor-causing bacteria.

Amazon has a lot of early Prime Day deals going on right now. Be sure to check them all out before the big Prime Day sale takes place next week.

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