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This $44 computer desk is perfect for small spaces and dorm rooms

Save 17% on the Amazon Basics classic computer desk in black.


When it comes to desks, having more surface area is generally ideal, but for people living in dorms or other compact spaces (hello, my New York apartment), sometimes you need a desk that'll fit into a specific corner or in between two other pieces of furniture. At roughly 36 inches long and 20 inches wide, this Amazon Basics computer desk is great if you're looking for a smaller, budget-friendly desk. Right now it's on sale for just under $44, the lowest price we've tracked on Amazon.

This desk has metal legs and a particle-board surface covered in smooth laminate. According to purchasers, it's durable enough to hold two small monitors, a keyboard and other small accessories, though if you're looking for a desk to pile a bunch of stuff on, you may want to consider slightly larger options with better materials. Due to its size, this desk is more suited to a laptop setup. It makes good use of the space it takes up, though, with two storage shelves that can be assembled on either the left or right side of the desk. Though you'll likely have trouble fitting a desktop computer on either one of these shelves, they're great for storing books and other items. 

The espresso and white versions of this desk are still full price at around $54, unfortunately, but the black model is a nice buy at $43.59. Sleek and minimalistic, this is a desk that'll blend in well with most rooms, and if price and size are your biggest considerations, it should get the job done well. 

Other desk deals

Amazon's sale on college supplies from Amazon Basics includes a few other desk deals worth considering. For those looking for a larger option, the Amazon Basics L-shaped computer desk in espresso is down to $110 (15% off) and also includes two storage shelves. At $204 (15% off), this height-adjustable gaming desk is a nice option for gamers with its raised shelf for a monitor. And if you want to use your laptop anywhere but a desk, this adjustable laptop tray table is discounted to $36 (22% off).