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This $25 Amazon Cyber Monday Deal Is Actually Pretty Useful

You can save over 60% with Amazon's Echo Dot and Hue smart bulb bundle.

Amazon's Cyber Monday deals are in full swing. There are a ton of good discounts available now, including many under $25. However, I think I've found one of the absolute best. It's not often that you save 62% when bundling two items. It's especially rare when that bundle includes two legitimately useful products that I genuinely believe improve every home

That's why this bundle that pairs the newest Amazon Echo Dot with the white light Philips Hue smart bulb is the deal to beat this year. The Amazon Echo Dot sees its first discount ever -- and a steep one at that -- and comes with a white light Philips Hue smart bulb that works perfectly with Alexa. You'll be able to screw in the bulb and pair it with your Echo Dot smart speaker for immediate automated lighting bliss.

Jared DiPane/CNET

As it does every single year, this Dot-plus-smart-bulb bundle will sell out sooner rather than later. It's available in all three colors right now, but we expect that will change pretty quickly.

The new Echo Dot brings with it some great improvements and new features, like the fact that it can act as an Eero extender if you have an existing Eero mesh system at home. Amazon touts this as its "best sounding Echo yet," making it even better for playing your favorite tunes around the house. It has all the same Alexa smarts built into it to help you control your smart home, convert measurements, set timers and so much more. 

Each year, Amazon offers a similar bundle during Black Friday and Prime Day. Every single time these sell out. All three colors will likely sell out, so we strongly recommend getting your order in sooner than later if you're interested. 

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