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This 20-watt USB-C charger is just $8 shipped

An extra phone charger never hurts -- especially at this price.


Apple no longer includes chargers with its iPhones (and many other gadgets). But right now, you can get an Aukey 20-watt USB-C model for just $8 shipped with code MINIMA4U, for a limited time and while supplies last. That's $5 for the hardware, plus $3 for shipping; get your cart past $25 total, and the shipping charged is waived.

This model is about the same size as Apple's previous standard charger (about a 1.4-inch cube), but it delivers four times that unit's paltry 5-watt power. Aukey's model also has foldable prongs, so it'll travel better in a purse, backpack or jacket pocket. And the USB-C output makes it good to go for newer gadgets, rather than the older USB-A standard.

As a reminder, It's worth noting that Aukey has been booted from Amazon because it was one of several vendors reported to have solicited positive user reviews for gift cards. But since our experience with the quality and value of Aukey accessories has been positive, we continue to recommend their hardware, especially when it's on sale. And while we haven't used the specific model highlighted here, it's effectively a more powerful version of the 12-watter that we've tested and recommended in the past. It's also quite a bit cheaper than competing models from the likes of Anker and Spigen on our best charger list

Prefer a portable battery pack? Tuesday's Aukey deal is still available for $13. (Just note you can't stack multiple discounts in the cart for single orders.)

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