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This $12 iPhone case looks like a Game Boy and really plays 36 games

Look at it this way: This case costs less than a lot of cases that don't play any games at all.

Daily Steals

Update: Looks like most of these have sold out. As of Aug. 7, there are only a few cases still in stock: iPhone XR, iPhone X/XS and the iPhone XS Max.

Yes, of course your iPhone can play games. But for a moment, imagine an iPhone case that looks like a Game Boy -- and actually works like one, complete with a built-in display and operational controls. You could catch up on old classics without draining your phone's battery at all. If you want in on some of this whimsy, you can grab a retro gaming phone case for just $12 when you apply discount code CNETGCS at checkout. That saves you $6 off the regular price of $18.

More than just a decorative case, this is a fully functional handheld game console with a color display and fully tactile analog buttons. It has its own rechargeable battery (with a Micro-USB port for charging) and can play games for about four hours between fill-ups. It's obviously not super rugged, but has silicon protective bumpers and should be more than sufficiently shock-proof for routine use.

What about the games? It's a collection of licensed grade-A titles and a slew of games you've probably never heard of. Here's the full rundown, according to Daily Steals: Pacman, Super Contra, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Arkanoid, Boom Man, Balloon Fight, Excitebike, Spartan X, Five Chess, Mahjong, Ice Climber, Superstar, Tennis, Circus, Pooyan, Battle City, F1 Race, PinBall, Soccer, Lone Runner, Nuts Milk, Olympic, 1942, Macross, Starforce, Road Fighter, Badminton, Sky Destroyer, Bomb Jack, Chinese chess, Urban Champion, Mappy and Penguin Kun Wars.

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