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These wireless sport headphones are just $9 (Update: Sold out)

How good can they possibly be? Well, they're about 4.2-stars good, according to buyers.

These 'buds are just nine bucks. (Okay, nine bucks plus 28 cents. I rounded for effect.)

Remember when earbuds had cords? I don't mean the cords connecting them to your phone; I mean the ones connecting them to each other. These days, it's all about "true wireless," meaning no cords, no-how. Think: AirPods.

Ah, but cords are not evil! They allow for better battery life, and they let your earbuds dangle from around your neck. You take a true-wireless earbud out of your ear, it has no place to go!

Chew on that while you're chewing on this: For a limited time, and while supplies last (quantities are limited, I can tell you), the Olala Bluetooth 4.1 Magnetic Sports Earphones are just $9.28 with promo code 2MVNP3PP. Regular price: $28.99. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Update: Rats! As expected, these didn't last long at all.

These are cheapies, no question. They're the earbuds you toss into your gym bag and don't worry about if they accidentally end up in the washing machine.

That said, they're decent on paper, with Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX support (the latter helping to keep audio and video in sync), magnetic 'buds that snap together (so they're not flopping all over when not in your ears), inline controls and a battery that's good for up to eight hours.

Average user rating: 4.2 stars, and both Fakespot and ReviewMeta say they're all legit. I haven't tried these myself, so can't speak to the audio quality, but as long as they don't sound like AM radio, they're probably fine for the gym or treadmill or whatever.

Nine bucks! You could spend more -- potentially a lot more -- on sport earbuds (and be sure to check out CNET's roundup of the best sports headphones), but why? 

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