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Save $40 on Ninja's freakishly versatile multicooker, down to $130 today

This 5-quart hybrid cooker can slow cook, pressure cook, air fry, roast, broil and bake.


One of the most versatile countertop appliances is available at a tasty discount today. Ninja's Foodi is the ultimate multicooker and does far more than most others in the same category. This advanced model air fries, sears, pressure cooks, sautés, slow cooks, steams, dehydrates, bakes and roasts. Right now, the 10-in-1 device is down near an all-time low of $130 at Target, which is $40 off the sticker price and an excellent value considering all it does. 

Why so cheap? There's a newer version of Ninja's Foodi multicooker, but it has only modest feature updates and retails for about $166.

More on the Foodi multicooker: Ninja likes to emphasize that this is a pressure cooker that crisps -- its "crisping lid" or air fryer can make wings and fries or put a crispy finish on any meal after slow cooking or baking your food. CNET hasn't reviewed the Foodi yet, but users gush about this multicooker, with glowing reviews at Amazon (4.8 stars), Best Buy (4.9 stars) and similar ratings elsewhere. 

We are high on the Ninja brand right now, which makes ovens, blenders and air fryers that top the various best lists we've compiled through comprehensive testing. If you've been on the fence about a gadget like this, keep in mind that it can replace several different small appliances, freeing up space in your cabinets and on your counter. 

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