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The Last of Us, Dreams, Resident Evil 7 and more digital PS4 games are 50% off

If you don't own these PS4 games already, you'd better get them now.

The Last of Us
You haven't played The Last of Us? Oh you gotta.

If you own a PlayStation, there's a handful of "must have" games most fans will recommend to you. Most of those games have fantastic single-player experiences, which is where Sony's game studios frequently outperform the multiplayer-heavy Xbox library. Because of their popularity, these games rarely go on sale in digital form, which is why seeing so many in the PlayStation Store at 50% or more off right now is such a big deal. Check out the titles we've found so far:

The best part of this sale is that many of these titles have a visual update for the PlayStation 5, making everything that much nicer to play if you've already scored the new console. And if you don't have a PS5 yet, you'll know for sure these games will be a quality part of your library well into your next console's life.