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The Genius HyperChiller Is $20 Right Now

This handy device chills hot coffee or room-temperature wine in about 45 seconds. And it's on sale now.


The HyperChiller may have been designed with making iced coffee in mind. For that, it does an excellent job chilling boiling hot liquid to room temp or colder, so as not to dilute your freshly brewed java when you add ice. But this handy gadget does double duty as a white wine chiller too -- a really fast white wine chiller, I might add. This bad boy will cool a room-temp wine to the perfect sipping chill in about 30-45 seconds. 

It also happens to be on sale right now for $20 on Amazon (save $5). The HyperChiller makes a fine gift for yourself or anyone who loves white, pink or orange wine, but doesn't love waiting an hour for them to chill out in the fridge.

So how does it work? I tested the HyperChiller last year and can read all about it here. It's been regularly featured in my kitchen routine ever since, both for cooling coffee and crisp Spanish whites. If you're using it for coffee and wine, just be sure to wash the inner chambers well so as not to cross-contaminate flavors.

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