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HomePod Mini is now $89 at Staples (save $10)

Save 10% on Apple's tiny smart speaker.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The HomePod Mini is Apple's Siri-powered smart speaker, and a borderline essential gadget if you're an Apple Music subscriber, or if you're trying to put together an Apple HomeKit smart home setup. The spherical tabletop speaker is currently $99 at the Apple Store and -- until recently -- rarely went on sale. But now, for a limited time and while supplies last, the HomePod Mini is just $89 at Staples. That's a savings of $10, or about 10%.

It's a smallish discount, sure, but it matches the price cut we saw earlier this month at B&H, and is a hopeful sign that Apple will continue to discount this model as it competes with the likes of the $100 Amazon Echo (also a spherical smart speaker, but often on deep discount). 

CNET's Molly Price hailed the speaker's surprisingly strong sound quality when she reviewed the HomePod Mini last year, and the elegant, understated design is pure Apple. At $90, it's an easy recommendation for those looking to give Siri a stronger footing in their home. If you've been thinking about picking up a HomePod Mini for your kitchen, living room or any other part of your house and waiting for the right time, well, here's your opportunity to get one for a little less than usual.

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First published earlier this year. Updated with new deal details.