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The Cold Press Juicer I Use All the Time Is Currently 41% Off

The Jocuu juicer is only $88 for Amazon Prime Day, down from its usual price of $150.

Nelson Aguilar
Nelson Aguilar is an LA-based tech how-to writer and graduate of UCLA. With more than a decade of experience, he covers Apple and Google and writes on iPhone and Android features, privacy and security settings and more.
Nelson Aguilar
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Jocuu cold press juicer

The Jocuu slow masticating juicer is currently 41% off thanks to Amazon Prime Day.

Nelson Aguilar/Amazon/CNET

If you're a fan of green juice, then you know how expensive it can get. The juice bars near my house sell a large green juice -- made from kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon -- for $12. And while I'll occasionally splurge, there's no way I'm going to spend that much money on green juice every day.

That's why I decided to learn how to do it and buy myself a juicer. Although the equipment can be a bit of an investment, it's definitely paid off with how often I use it to make juice. And you can currently get the same Jocuu slow masticating juicer I have for only $88, down from the retail price of $150, thanks to this Amazon Prime Day deal.

The two-speed Joccuu juicer is a step up from some of the smaller juicers you'll find on Amazon, with a high-quality feel, lightweight body, quiet motor (this is important!) and advanced features, like a reverse function that can help release any stuck ingredients to get you more juice and also clean your juicer.

Using it is pretty simple: cut your fruits and vegetables into medium sized chunks, toss them down the chute, collect your juice and clean up. From start to finish, it takes me about 10 minutes to make fresh juice and toss my juicer parts into the dishwasher -- but that makes me around 2 to 3 days-worth of green juice at once, so I don't need to use my juicer every day.

When the alternative is spending $12 for a single cup, picking up a brand new juicer is a no-brainer, especially when it's on sale.

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