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The Cheapskate Show podcast: New life for old phones, laptops and tablets

Plus: The scoop on Wyze's new $50 headphones and our favorite way to save money on shipping.

We explain how to turn an old laptop into a like-new Chromebook without spending a penny.
Josh Goldman/CNET

We're back! Welcome to season two of The Cheapskate Show, the podcast that's all about saving you money. This week, we've got three great topics:

  • Got old hardware sitting around? You might be surprised what you can do with a seemingly outdated phone, laptop or tablet. 
  • Wyze just dropped its $50 over-the-ear headphones, which include active noise-canceling. Can they possibly rival similar products from the likes of Apple, Bose and Sony? We've got the scoop.
  • Whether you ship a lot of packages or just a few here and there, allow us to introduce you to PirateShip. It's incredibly easy to use and can save you some cash.

You can listen to the new episode (and past ones) right here:  

Looking for all the links and other info we referenced in the show? You can find them in the show notes, which are available in the embedded player (above). Just click Description.

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