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Best 3D Printer Filament Deals: Save Up $40 on Flexible PLA, PETG, Bulk Orders and More

You can save a little bit extra on your next spool of filaments.

James Bricknell Senior Editor
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James Bricknell
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$120 at Elegoo
Ten rolls of black filament
Elegoo bulk PLA (black): $110
Save $40
$26 at Amazon
Image of Flashforge Burnt Titanium PLA: $21
Flashforge Burnt Titanium PLA: $21
Save $15
$19 at Amazon
Overture PETG (black): $17
Save $7
$22 at Amazon
Multi color filament roll on an orange background
Creality Rainbow PLA: $22
Save $4
$32 at Amazon
Ataraxia Art flexible PLA filament: $32
Save $8

There's a lot to love about 3D printers, with everybody from cosplayers to just folks who enjoy printing stuff for around the home and getting something out of it. Even better, there are a lot of great budget-friendly 3D printers you can pick up, although all of them will require some good filament to get you going. To that end, we've found some of our favorite filament deals to help save you a little extra.

From toys to jewelry and a lot more, the use of 3D printing in crafts and hobbies has become more popular than ever. With so many budget-friendly 3D printers, some under $200, it's a more accessible hobby. To make sure your new printer is ready to go, you'll need some filament to get started. To help you stock up on printing materials without breaking the bank, we've rounded up some of the best deals on filament below. 

Filament comes in all different colors and chemical compositions -- which our best 3D-printing filament list explains in more detail -- and ranges in price from less than $20 to hundreds of dollars, depending on what you need. Buying filament in bulk is often necessary. To save you some time and money, we've scoured the web for the best discounts on a variety of filaments.


If you want to create a huge project or print the same thing over and over, you need a lot of filament. Elegoo's bulk discount makes each roll cost just $11, a fantastic bargain. It's only black PLA, but it's good enough if you're postprocessing it anyway.

Ten rolls of filament for $110 is amazing, and if you can afford the initial outlay, you'll save yourself a bunch of money.

James Bricknell / CNET

Burnt Titanium PLA is the only filament I have on a subscription from Amazon. I get a fresh roll every month. So when it's on sale, even if it's only a few dollars off, I end up saving a ton. It comes in a huge array of colors and right now on Amazon if you buy three you save an additional 5%. Some colors are priced even lower although the majority are around $21. 

The mix of purple, blue, black and silver flecks makes layer lines vanish and gives one of the nicest finishes you can get on a 3D print that you haven't sanded and painted yourself.


More experienced printers may want to grab this spool of Overture PETG filament while it's on sale at Amazon. It's one of our favorite filaments on the market right now, and while it's a little harder to work with than PLA filaments, it offers the heat resistance of ABS filaments without toxic fumes. It's compatible with most FDM printers, as long as the nozzle can get hot enough.

It's already marked down on Amazon to $19 but there's an additional 10% off coupon applied when you add this filament to your cart, saving you $7. 


Rainbow filament is a great look on models like vases as it has an interesting transition to an otherwise uniform design. Creality's rainbow PLA has a fairly short transition through the colors, so you can see a lot of the rainbow effect on smaller models as well as larger ones. 

This flexible filament gets high marks for being bouncy, making it possible to create wearable items without the danger of cracking. Read more about it in this review. Right now it's $8 off at Amazon.