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Target Deal Days kicks off Black Friday-style sales. Here are our favorite deals so far

Target's first big holiday sale runs now through Tuesday, October 12.

Target is hoping you're ready to scratch that holiday shopping itch. The retailer has launched its first big holiday sale in the form of Target Deals Days, which runs today through Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Among the highlights:

The discounts run up and down Target's offerings, but scroll down to see some of our favorites, below.

Note that some deals Target is listing are being equaled or beaten at rivals like Amazon. For instance: 

Furthermore, Best Buy is running a rival flash sale which also includes some great dealsjo, including the latest MacBook Air for $850 and a Dell 15-inch laptop for $420.

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TVs with the Roku smart system built-in are available across multiple brands. In this case, you'll be going with the lesser-known Element brand versus CNET's preferred vendor, TCL. But you'll still get access all the same Roku smart apps, including (with subscription) HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix and Disney Plus. And at the 55-inch screen size, you're saving about $100 on the Element versus the TCL at Amazon, while still getting key features like 4K resolution and HDR10.


Maybe you're still working from home, or maybe your eyes are just getting a bit older. Either way, expanding your 13- or 15-inch laptop screen to a much more spacious 27-inch view is a welcome step forward, giving you the real estate to get real work done. We haven't tested this model, but with 1080p resolution and dual HDMI inputs, it's a solid deal at this price. 


This isn't the exact same Oral-B model we recommend on our Best List, but for $40 -- almost half of what it costs at Amazon -- it's a great starting point for anyone who's ready to offload their brushing duties to a rechargeable assistant. Note that this sale ends Monday, not Tuesday.