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Take 58% Off the Price of This Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum

For just $249, you can grab a multisurface cleaner that will do the tidying up for you.

A Samsung Jet Bot robot vacuum is displayed against a purple background.

Robot vacuums can save you time and energy by doing the vacuuming for you. And right now you can save money, too, when you grab a Samsung Jet Bot robot vacuum cleaner from Amazon. The company has slashed the price by 58%, meaning you'll pay just $249 for a vac that will do the day-to-day cleaning and keep your floors free of debris.   

Robot vacuums have grown in popularity because they make doing daily chores like cleaning the floors simple and automatic. This Samsung vac has lidar sensors that use precision mapping and detailed floor maps to give your home a thorough and precise clean, plus you can set no-go zones to avoid clutter or other places you don't want the vacuum heading. It can also identify whether the surface is carpet or hard floor and the amount of dust so that it can adjust the suction power to clean your floors thoroughly in every room and gets up to 90 minutes of runtime per charge. 

When the 0.2-liter dustbin is full, just remove it and tip it out. You can also wash it before your next cleaning if you want to. Additionally, this robot will send a live cleaning report through the app so that you can check where the device has cleaned, stop or pause a cleaning session or view the cleaning history of your vacuum. And it's compatible with Bixby, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa if you want to use voice recognition to control your device. 

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