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Snatch 2 All-Clad frying pans for $40 and sauté with the best of 'em

All-Clad cookware doesn't get any cheaper than this.


Nonstick may not be the pan you use the most. (Or maybe it is) The one thing I know is that when you need true nonstick cookware for eggs, pancakes or easily reheat a prepared meal, nothing else will do. All-Clad is near the top of my list of favorite kitchen brands, and a set of two nonstick All-Clad frying pans is about as cheap as you'll find them anywhere, down to $40 at Bed Bath & Beyond. They're built with All-Clad's signature sturdy construction and a tough PFOA-free nonstick coating that resists most scratches. 

If you're thinking you don't really need two nonstick pans, consider that nonstick surfaces wear out faster than others, so spreading the use over two pans will ensure a longer life on your rack. This set comes with a 10.5-inch and large 12-inch skillet.

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