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Sleep, Lounge and Read Comfortably With $100 Off the Nectar Move Frame

This frame is already on sale at a deep discount and with our exclusive code, you'll save even more.

an overview of the original Nectar mattress

Sleep is an important part of our lives. Without it we cannot function. And while many of us tend to invest in nice mattresses, sometimes we just don't have the right frame to take our sleep routine to the next level. If you have a Nectar mattress and you want to have flexibility with how you lounge and sleep, then you can pick up the Move adjustable bed frame for just $749 using our exclusive code CNETMOVE at checkout starting today through June 29

This bed frame retails for full price at $1,349, and without the code you'd pay $849. But with the additional $100 off, you'll snag a bed frame that has an adjustable base that elevates your head and feet.

If you're looking for this frame in any size other than queen, it's not available during this sale. That said, if you have a queen-size bed there are some cool features with this Move frame that will help make your sleep better than before.

Using zero gravity technology, Nectar designed this frame to be flexible and move to meet your needs. If you need any form of back, head or hip support, with just a touch of a button the frame will move. There are other notable features such as a built-in massager that will help soothe your body through vibrations. And the built-in USB charging ports will charge almost any device. 

If you need your head and feet lifted for maximum comfort, getting a frame such as this one can make sleeping easier. 

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