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Sims 4 Cyber Week Deals: The Best DLC Packs to Buy Before Dec. 7

You can still save up to 50% on Sims 4 DLC packs.

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Shelby Brown
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A Sims 4 character in tropical attire, in an open-air market

Big savings await Simmers at EA.

Electronic Arts

The Sims 4, which is free to download across all platforms, still has deals to snag on downloadable content through Electronic Arts' website for Cyber Week. It's a great time to grab the expansion packs you've been curious about for Origin on Mac or the EA App for Windows.

You can save up to 50% on expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, bundle deals -- even expansions for The Sims 3. The deals through EA's website will run through Dec. 7.

Not sure where to start downloading? I recommend checking out these packs: 

Cottage Living 

$20 from EA (save 50%)

Cottage Living is one of my all-time favorite expansion packs. The pack introduces the world of Henford-on-Bagley -- a gorgeous location filled with woodland creatures, lush forests and cozy cottages. It's the perfect pack for a Rags to Riches or Living Off the Land challenge. 

High School Years

$30 from EA (save $25%)

The Sims 4 High School Years expansion pack was one of the franchise's most ambitious undertakings yet. The pack lets your teen Sim go to high school and you can actually sit in on the classes -- unlike with Discover University. The choices your teen Sim makes in high school also have a bearing on their college acceptance. 

Dream Home Decorator

$14 from EA (save 30%)

If your favorite part of The Sims is building new properties, renovating premade builds or making over a room, Dream Home Decorator is the perfect pack. Your Sim can take on a career as an interior designer and let their creativity run wild. 

Snowy Escape

$20 from EA (save 50%)

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion pack whisks players away to the picturesque world of Mount Komorebi. Take your Sims on a wild winter adventure with skiing, rock climbing and snowboarding, or on a relaxing mountain retreat with Komorebi's bathhouses, meditation centers and peaceful walks. Mount Komorebi is the first Sims 4 world where Sims can either visit on vacation or live permanently as residents.  

Get to Work

$20 from EA (save 50%)

Instead of waiting for your Sim to get home from their job, the Get to Work expansion pack lets you be more involved in your Sim's career. The pack introduces doctor, detective and scientist career options where you can tag along with your Sim during their work day. You can also open your own business, hire employees, interact with customers and more. 

Island Living

$20 from EA (save 50%)

Island Living, which was released in 2019, introduced the gorgeous tropical world of Sulani. Your Sims can make their home on the beach, take a sunny day trip, scuba dive in crystal clear waters, play with dolphins and take up a career in conservation to protect the environment. Did I mention there are mermaids? 


$20 from EA (save 50%)

The Sims 4 Seasons expansion pack incorporates spring, summer, fall and winter, as well as different weather into your game for a more dynamic experience. The pack also unlocks holidays like Winter Fest, Harvest Fest and Love Day. Decorate your home, throw a festive party, rake leaves and play in puddles -- just make sure your Sim is dressed appropriately so they don't freeze or overheat. 


$14 from EA (save 30%)

Parenthood is a great pack to own if you're a fan of legacy gameplay or are trying your hand at the 100 Baby Challenge. Sims can build up their parenting skills by interacting with babies, toddlers and teens, encourage good behavior, discipline bad behavior, help with school projects and more. 

Nifty Knitting

$7 from EA (save 30%)

Nifty Knitting, a craft-themed pack voted on by The Sims Community in 2020, lets your Sims take up a new hobby -- knitting. Your Sim can practice knitting to increase their skills, unlock new knitting styles, teach other Sims to knit and sell their handmade goodies on the in-game marketplace, Plopsy. As a fan of the Rags to Riches challenge, I like knitting as a way to make money -- and the pack decor is adorable.

Tiny Living

$7 from EA (save 30%)

If you're a fan of building, the Tiny Living stuff pack offers a new challenge -- tiny and micro homes. Build economically and make a cozy space for your Sim to embrace a low-key lifestyle. Get creative with furniture choices to make everything fit in your home like a fold-up Murphy Bed. Just make sure the bed doesn't drop on your Sim.

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