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Sharp's SuperSteam countertop steam oven is 50% off today

Plus, a 5-liter digital air fryer for under $50 at Best Buy.


Healthier and faster cooking is a double whammy we can get behind. That's the case made by Sharp for its SuperStream countertop steam oven, currently on sale at Best Buy for $200. That's 50% off the retail price and $70 cheaper than you'll find the same model on Amazon

If you've never used a steam oven before, you might want to give this one a closer look. Steam ovens, like the well-reviewed Sharp SuperSteam, get extremely hot, extremely fast. In fact, there's no preheating or defrosting needed at all. Have a frozen pizza or salmon filets you're ready to cook? Pop them in, fill the reservoir with water and you're as hot as 480 degrees in seconds. 

Steam cooking is also known to reheat leftovers better than dry heat since it imparts deep moisture into things like leftover chicken or beef. If you're curious whether you can toast bread with a steam oven, you can -- nine slices at once, actually. The SuperSteam oven has multiple cook settings, too, including toast, bake, reheat, broil, warm and one just for pizza.

For a similarly healthy alternative to cooking with oil and butter, Best Buy has an Emerald 5.2-liter digital air fryer down to $50 (normally $110). Air fryers allow you to make classic pub grub like wings, fries and cheese sticks -- plus, tons more -- mimicking the effects of deep-frying with none of the messy oil or extra calories. 

Best Buy will ship either appliance for free. Or choose no-contact curbside pickup and grab your new oven later today, though it must be ordered online.

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