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Save Up to $60 On Refurb Models of Our Favorite E-Reader for 2022

If you can live with some dings and scrapes, this is a great chance to snag a sleek 2021 Kindle Paperwhite at a serious discount.

The front and back side of a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader against an orange background.

Even if you prefer the feel of a real book, it's hard to argue with the convenience of an e-reader. It's certainly easier to carry a lightweight tablet than lug a dozen different paperbacks with you everywhere you go. And right now, Woot is offering a chance to grab our favorite e-reader on the market, the 2021 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, at a great bargain -- as long as you don't mind a used model. From now until Friday, Oct. 28, you can pick up a refurbished Paperwhite for as low as $85, which saves you $55 compared to what it would cost new. But with a limited supply of these used models, there is a chance they may sell out before then. 

According to Woot, which is owned by Amazon, these refurbished e-readers may show some slight signs of wear and tear, but they have all been throughly inspected and restored to full working condition. They also come backed by Woot's limited 90-day warranty, so you're covered in case you run into any issues in the first three months. 

There are two slightly different Kindle models available in this sale. The standard 2021 Paperwhite is equipped with 8GB of storage, which is enough to hold thousands of books, and is on sale for $85 right now. Or, for $130, you can upgrade to the Paperwhite Signature Edition, which has a substantial 32GB of storage, and also adds an auto-adjusting light sensor and wireless charging capabilities. At this price, you're saving around $60 compared to what it would cost you new

Both versions are equipped with a 6.8-inch, 300-ppi, anti-glare display, and are completely waterproof up to 2 meters -- making them perfect for reading poolside or in the bath. They also have built-in Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair them with your headphones and listen to books and podcasts from your Audible account as well. It's also worth noting that both these models include lock screen ads, which can be disabled later, though you will have to pay a small fee. 

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