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Save $75 Off 1TB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card

Whether you're using a camera, smartphone or tablet, this memory card has will let you save, share or store with ease.

SanDisk Ultra 1TB microSC card on white background.

Great things sometimes come in tiny packages. And with so many advancements in the memory card market, you can often get much more storage for less than you'd have paid a few years ago. This SanDisk Ultra microSD card features 1TB of storage, giving you plenty of room for photos, full HD videos and more. It also comes with an adapter. Normally listed for $200, you can save $75 off this memory card at Amazon right now, bringing the price to $125. 

You can use this memory card in Android smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, MIL cameras and more for your storage needs. On compatible devices, you can also move your apps to the microSD card to free up internal storage. And it loads the apps faster as well, with an A1 rated performance. You can move up to 1200 photos in just 1 minute, as it features transfer speeds up to 120MBps and read speeds at the same level. Write speeds are a little lower, but this card is a solid choice if you're looking for storage that is bigger, faster and more powerful than its predecessors.