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Save $50 On Ninja's Compact Kitchen System and Pay Just $110 -- Today Only

Cut the hassle of prep work with this versatile food processor, blender and ice crusher combo.

The Ninja Compact Kitchen System with food processor, blender and more is displayed against a white background.

Do you love to cook, but hate all the prep work? If so, you need a food processor. The Ninja Compact Kitchen System comes with three vessels and one base, so you can make a ton of great drinks and dishes, including shakes, smoothies, dough, soups, dips and more. Plus, cleanup is a breeze. And right now, you can take an additional $50 off the regular purchase price, meaning you'll pay only $110. Just keep in mind that this offer ends tonight.

Whether you're looking to pulverize food to a pulp (or fine ground dust), work dough or enjoy a frozen beverage, you're going to need a quality blender/food processor that can get the job done.  Many blenders have a difficult time with the harder things, such as ice or thicker ingredients. Many food processors are better geared towards making food, not fruity drinks. The greatest asset of this Ninja system is that you get both for the counter space of one.

With a performance power of 1200 watts, an ice crusher function, a 5-cup processor bowl, a pitcher that holds up to 64 ounces of liquid and a small, single-serving vessel that converts from blender to an 18-ounce on-the-go travel cup, the Ninja pretty much does it all. And with blades for every kind of task, such as the chopping and dough blade, as well as intelligent programs that simplify the timing of blending, pulsing and pausing, it can help make a novice come off like a pro.

Now, cleanup is always the worst part of dealing with blenders and food processors, but that won't be an issue with this countertop wizard. The components are BPA-free, so you can throw them all in the dishwasher without a worry. And with the easy pouring with the spout lid, a little recipe guide and everything you need to get the party (or that sourdough) started, now is a great time to bring home your inner chef's new best friend.

Start enjoying smoothies, sauces and shakes from home.

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