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Grab a Set of Grill Tools With Built-In LEDs for $20 (Save 50%)

These illuminating BBQ tools will make an excellent Mother's Day or Father's Day gift for a gadget-loving grillmaster.


We've all overcooked a burger or steak before. It's one thing if you got distracted and let it sit too long. It's another thing -- and very frustrating I might add -- if it happened because you couldn't see the meat. Grilling in the dark will leave you susceptible to mistakes, so I don't recommend it. You can buy clip-on barbecue lights (I like these) or snatch up a set of Grillight's smart grill tools with built-in LED lights. They're currently down 50% to just $20 at Camping World. The same set is currently $40 at Amazon and other online retailers.

I own a pair of these and they're as awesome as they look. The tools are sturdy and just the right length and the lights are plenty bright to keep your precious meats illuminated. The grill tools take AA batteries, which are included. This is a pretty great Father's Day or Mother's Day gift and if you bag them now, you'll be getting an awfully good deal.

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