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Save 20% on this tripod camp chair today

A compact chair can make all the difference when camping, and this one is on sale.

Camp Chair

Every camping or hiking experience is dramatically improved with the right chair. You can go for one of the minimalist options out there and enjoy having the lightest possible chair at the sacrifice of comfort, or you can take better care of your body and enjoy something a little heavier with some small amount of back support. No matter which camp chair you go with, the one thing they all have in common is a fairly steep price tag. Which is why today's deal dropping this camp chair down to $20 is too good to pass up. 

The AsterOutdoor tripod camp chair is designed to be collapsible enough to attach to a hiking backpack, but the added 3.3 pounds will be significant for those who monitor every ounce added to their pack. This chair can support up to 200 pounds and offers a backrest so you can actually relax at the end of a longer hike. It's a great starter chair for anyone who isn't super concerned about weight and more importantly doesn't want to spend a ton on their camping equipment to start.